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LTG GoldRock specialise in teaching ordinary investors how to get better returns.

We have proven and documented success along with a training system designed to ensure you are given every opportunity to achieve your investment, income and wealth building goals.

Our highly experienced and successful senior trading team specialise in educating and guiding everyday investors on how to use trading as a tool to create a better financial future for themselves and their families.


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You’ve worked hard for your money but have your investment returns met your expectations? Research tells us the answer is likely no. Let us help you take control of your financial future to help maximise and enhance your investment returns.

LTG GoldRock offers an award winning team of professional traders and advisors whose sophisticated market analysis, risk and money management systems give you the edge – without the hassle.

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We help everyday investors achieve financial success by tailoring their investment plans to match their investment goals. With over 50 years combined experience,betterbuywatches we provide investors with guidance and mentorship to get a high return on investment opportunity.

Why investors can make potentially higher returns trading with us.

We only focus on what we believe are high probability opportunities with great risk to reward.

We are traders who also teach.It is rare to find successful traders who are willing to also teach their methods.

We are experts in trading Currency markets. We enjoy keeping things simple and our methodologies are designed so our clients are not required to spend hours in front of the computer.

Spend just minutes a day. Trades that are recommended via our TradeTime smartphone app can be placed within minutes of receiving them allowing you to get on with your day.

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At LTG GoldRock we know how to balance financial growth and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a simple way to learn to trade in the Forex market at your own pace, then consider our trading course for beginners and access more than just some basic training materials. We offer our students a comprehensive training experience that includes access to some of the best investment tools designed and used by some of the world’s savvy investors. Not only will you learn everything you need to know to become a successful, independent trader, you will also join our experienced and professional community of like-minded investors. Keep up to date with the latest market news and developments as well as inspiring stories from past students now operating as independent and profitable traders. Our training philosophy is simple: we believe everybody can learn how to trade in Forex and with our simple, easy to follow training programme and ongoing support services, you can too.

The simple answer is not all Forex trading courses really are worth it and if you have a few under consideration at the moment then there are a few key features that you can keep an eye for to help you avoid some of the disreputable Forex education providers out there.

#1 Are they registered with ASIC? Do they hold a current Australian Financial Services Licence?

Disreputable courses and course providers are likely to either not display their ASIC compliance or they may not even be licenced in the first place. Choosing a course provider with a valid and current licence will help you avoid any potential time-wasting courses and dodgy providers. Should you ever need to complain about your course or seek intervention from ASIC or the Australian Financial Ombudsman, a licenced provider offers you avenues for escalating your complaints that an unlicensed provider does not. Compliance and transparency commitments also demonstrate to potential students a provider’s willingness to offer fair and reputable services.

LTG Gold Rock is fully licenced and committed to transparent practice in full compliance with ASIC guidelines. We work to ensure our students are equipped with everything they need to reach their wealth creation goals.

#2 Do you have the freedom to engage any broker or are you limited to using just one agency or broker?

Some courses are offered by individual brokers which also demand that you use their services only to execute your trades. As brokers take a commission from traders, this can be a tricky area for new traders to navigate successfully. You should stay away from limiting courses like these to avoid paying steep commission rates. When you choose LTG Gold Rock, we work to help our students become fully independent traders in total control of their own money and investment capital.

#3 What kind of market analysis tools and strategies do they offer?

There is a strong opinion amongst Forex trading training providers that the Forex market is subject only to technical drivers and that a comprehensive analysis need only take into account technical aspects or ways of analysing the market. Our course has been designed by real professionals like hedge fund managers and investment portfolio managers who have developed a thorough and in-depth understanding of the Forex market. We offer students a range of investment tools and analyses to help them form comprehensive day trading strategies with proven results. Learn from our professional traders and follow their trades with access to regular updates and tips, as well as our online blog full of lots of helpful advice for new and advanced traders alike.

#4 Is Forex training enough or are you being sold a share trading course as well?

A stock market is a volatile place even for experienced traders. Learning how to pick good investments that provide strong returns is detailed and can take years of practice. The Forex market is a lot simpler. We believe that you can meet your financial objectives with just one comprehensive trading course.

Our trading course acquaints you with the Forex market, comprehensively explains how the market works and what it looks like as well as how to execute a trade, how to engage a brokering service and what you need to do to manage your investment risk. Did you know, for example, that you only need to be right about which trades you make 50% of the time and still make a profit? We’ll teach you what you can’t learn from trading books alone.

We also offer you access to an online community of students and members just like you who you can model your progress on, learn from and engage with. Our courses are available right across Australia, including SydneyMelbourne and Perth. Learn from home in your own time and at your own pace with LTG Gold Rock.

There are a variety of different providers offering a range of trading courses throughout Australia. Some courses are even offered for free, but these often come with hidden fees or limitations that you’re aware of when you first sign up. Our advice is to always ask as many questions as possible before you enrol or hand over your credit card details. You can book a consultation today with LTG Gold Rock and we’ll take you through exactly what you need to know about our course fees and benefits. This is a complimentary 30-minute phone conversation.

Our trading course is delivered online along with our ongoing support services, blog articles and the latest news from the Forex market and world of day traders. Become a member today and access a comprehensive trading programme, a range of investment tools and advisory services from experienced and successful day traders.

At LTG GoldRock we know how to balance financial growth and lifestyle

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