Today’s Key Market Drivers: 27th September 2019

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Negative Sentiment lingers in the back half of the week.

Financial markets have struggled to make any gains all week with the S&P 500 down for the week with 3 out of 4 losing days. Safe haven currencies, in particular, the US Dollar have remained supported as fears of a US Presidential impeachment and trade war tensions with China again turning sour keep traders on tenterhooks.

Whilst the market is mindful of the two big elephants presently in the room, Thursday’s trading range and small sell-off did not give any signals investment banks and hedge funds are about to hit these markets sharply lower.

Greenback continues to gain strength.

The EUR v USD hit a two-year low on Thursday as the US Dollar continued to find support as the worlds reserve currency and ultimate safe-haven asset for currency traders. The US economy whilst it is expected to contract in coming quarters still remains a stand out compared to the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many parts of Asia, Africa and South America.

As I noted in yesterday’s report when markets get nervous the major players want their money to be in US Dollars and this increases demand and the currency value goes higher.

China says the US is showing goodwill.

China Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday the USA was showing goodwill in wavering tariffs on some Chinese goods and that China is prepared to buy more US products. The market has heard positive comments on trade from both sides on a number of occasions and frankly, it’s not likely going to take much notice of any talk and wants to see real action.

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In other news.

US Durable Good and Personal Consumption Expenditure data will be closely monitored today and if out of line with market expectations traders will use it as ammunition to trade the US Dollar higher or lower. Positive data generally means the currency is bought up as the expectation is interest rates will eventually rise. Thursday saw 2nd quarter US GDP (growth) figures meet the markets estimates.

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