Today’s Key Market Drivers: 26th November 2018

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The 27 nation European Union has backed Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Sunday which now paves the way for the UK to officially leave the European Union in March 2019. The British PM still needs to get the support of her government which could prove difficult with opposition parties and her own Tory Party detractors saying they will vote against the proposal. It is unclear how markets will react to the news with most of the proposal already being priced into the Pound in recent days. If you see some gaps on the Pound and Euro this morning you will know the culprit.

Currency markets were mostly mixed on Friday as US stock markets once again drifted lower to make new November lows during the 4-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend. With little in the way of high impacting US economic data until later in the week my expectation is stock markets will continue to remain weak and be the key driver of the safe haven currencies which I expect to strengthen over the coming two weeks. The Euro fell on Friday following a weaker than expected Manufacturing report but technically is showing signs of a reversal pattern across a number of Euro crosses.

Just like last week there are no official Central Bank monthly statements due this week but there are plenty of Central Bank chiefs speaking which will keep traders busy. Mario Draghi’s address in Brussels is a standout for me as the ECB is due to cease its multiyear long stimulus program that has seen it artificially print billions of Euro to support European nations that are cash strapped and would otherwise have to pay higher interest to bond holders. If the ECB deviates from their current plans this would be seen as weakness so I am looking for the ECB President to remain hawkish about the outlook for the Euro Area economy in 2019. This may be wishful thinking with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan both warning about slowing US and global growth next year. Draghi’s address will be at midnight tonight. RBA Governor Lowe is speaking in Sydney at 9.15am AEDT this morning so if the AUD gets volatile in the Asian morning trading session you will know why.

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