Today’s Key Market Drivers: 15th November 2018

“Pound rallies after new draft Brexit deal announced.”

There are some weeks throughout the year that I am glad I don’t have trades in the market and this week is one of them. Whipsaws back and forth all over the place and it’s these sorts of trading weeks many novice retail traders consistently lose money trying to chase the market. Just because the market is moving doesn’t mean you have to place a trade. I haven’t been filled on an order for over a week and whilst I do love the thrill of the chase as a trader (you have too) patience and discipline is the key to staying in the game and making meaningful returns. If you keep chasing price you’ll keep losing I guarantee it.

The British Pound rallied on Wednesday after Theresa May secured support for a draft Brexit agreement with the European Union. The British PM said “I firmly believe that the draft withdrawal agreement was the best that could be negotiated. The choices before us were difficult but the collective decision by Cabinet was that the government should agree to the draft withdrawal agreement and the outlying political declaration.

So, it appears we will likely see a deal done before Xmas and provided the agreement is not stalled the upward momentum on the Pound should persist against most of its rivals. As I noted in previous reports once a Brexit deal is signed off it will be a green light for the Bank of England to continue to raise interest rates and this will likely see a flood of money come for the Pound over the coming 6 to 9 months. I am not in a screaming hurry to buy the Pound and will enter a long position when the opportunity presents that meets my trading plan.

US inflation data met the market’s estimates on Wednesday but German GDP and UK CPI missed their numbers. Euro Zone GDP met market expectations and I suspect if a Brexit deal can now be finalised this will be good news for those traders looking to get long on the Euro. With Europe being the UK’s biggest trading partner the good Brexit news is bound to rub off on the Euro.

US Retail Sales is the only other noteworthy high impacting data number set for today. Look after your risk and don’t chase prices when they whipsaw back and forth.

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