The lure of the markets.

The lure of the markets is something that is present every day. Turn on your computer, switch on MT4 and suddenly price starts to flicker in the market watch window, a candle begins to rise or fall and instantly the temptation builds for you to place a trade. Self-discipline is the one part of trading you can control and therefore it’s critical that each day you look at your charts you are only looking to see one thing. Your edge. Once you enter a trade your ability to control price movement disappears, however, prior to entering a trade there is a lot of control you do have and you must use that control wisely. It is important in my opinion to be able to accurately benchmark the performance of an edge and to be able to do this correctly you cannot afford to fiddle with an edge and enter a trade because “it’s close enough”.

Your self-discipline is going to be the single biggest influencing factor to your trading results. It is something that needs to be worked on daily because there are so many outside influences that can impact your decision-making. Be steadfast, be disciplined and be decisive when you see your edge clearly.

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