LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success September 2019

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their Trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to Susan Priest for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to Karan nagpal for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.

Susan Priest, 79.58% ROI

Nice returns help to build enthusiasm even though the pot is still quite small.
Confidence builds with a few wins.

Karan Nagpal, 87.33% ROI

My name is Karan Nagpal, I am member with LTG since March 2018 and after joining LTG I have learned a lot and still learning.
I had improved myself but still have to work on my trading skills.
As I am working full time and supporting my family all alone, I can’t give enough time on trading. But slowly I will be converting myself as a full-time trader in near future.
Karan Nagpal

Alistair Cowley, 7.42% ROI

Hi my name is Alistair,
I have been with LTG GoldRock for a few years now. I mainly follow AB’s trade alerts and have had great success with them over the last 12 months with a 7.4% ROI from this month alone.

Paul Topic, 15.32% ROI

Although I am using high leverage to achieve a profit this month, I have a plan for long term success that aligns with my impatient and risky personality. I have been studying trading for 7 years, but I have not been in a situation to have a decent size trading account until now. Small trading accounts have bored me and led me to over-leverage and to blow accounts. But this has given me a high level of tolerance to accepting losses and trusting trading plans over time which I can now use to my advantage, to put booster rockets on my recent new trading account. I only have a reasonably small trading account of $5000. I am risking $500 per trade. My new job provides me with $2000 savings per month. I fully accept the possible outcome of losing four trades a month that I can cover with my $2000 savings. This gives a high initial boost to the account with the goal that after a winning streak, I will be enough trades in front that I should no longer require using my savings as an emergency back up and I will be comfortable in the knowledge that I am trading profits even though the leverage is still technically high. Eventually, my account will reach $25,000 and my risk of $500 per trade will be more in line with correct sustainable risk management of 1 to 2 percent. My experience has shown me that even a bad trading strategy on a high time frame, will eventually come to break even. So I am comfortable proceeding with my plan. My only initial concern is the possibility of a big weekend market gap. I do not recommend this plan at all to beginner traders. I also have a second smaller account to practice new strategies.
Paul from Sydney.


Derek Cagney, 3.04% ROI

I’m a brand-new member to LTG GoldRock (joining in August) and have only placed a few trades that AB has sent through, but so far my account is in the positive by approx. 3%.
I’ve been following AB’s trades only and have not placed my own as yet, as I’m extremely new to currency trading and still learning a lot, and quickly.
I’m hoping to be able to make trading a supplementary income to add to my 2 businesses – Tennis Coaching and Lawn Mowing in the future, but for now, I’m being as patient as I can be, and taking as much out of AB’s video’s each day as well as his Friday show.
Here’s hoping I can keep making money next month!
Derek Cagney


Rory King, 7.92% ROI

I joined LTG Goldrock in March this year and have been steadily trading and learning the markets ever since on a part-time basis. I am attaching my Eightcap trading statement for September 2019 forming part of the entry for the trader of the month. The figures would have been even better had I not been stopped out 2 pips prior to my stop on the short trade AUD/USD on 20 Sept 19! …. valuable lesson learnt there!

I am still working and trading part-time in-between. I love trading, as I find it challenging and rewarding. LTG GoldRock offers excellent training and support that is easy to follow. My aim is to trade full time when I am due to retire in 3 years’ time. In the meantime, I am still undertaking my apprenticeship!

Kind Regards,

Rory King


Adrian and Lorraine DeRavin, 3.77% ROI

Hi All, Our account saw us loose for a number of trades just after increasing the funds we were trading. It brings you to realise you are going to have losses but you must be resilient and look at those trades, follow your trading plan and move forward. Thanks to Andrew and the LTG crew for the effort and support you provide and looking forward to the masterclass in Melbourne. Cheers Adrian & Lorraine De Ravin


Troy Taylor, 29.85% ROI

I joined LTG GoldRock at the start of the year and to say AB’s left an impression on me would be an understatement.
I’ve consumed everything FOREX both through LTG GoldRock and the world wide web over the past 9 months…the good and the bad. All of this along with AB’s daily Sunrise messages and his continued emphasis on knowing what is driving price (fundamentals), risk management, discipline and winning big I believe are setting me up to be a successful and highly profitable trader.

I turn 40 next year and am in this for the long haul and determined to trade as a profession from 2020 onwards. I look forward to sharing my trading journey. Exciting times ahead!
Troy Taylor


Elsie Brown, 2.80% ROI

Just starting to get back into trading after 4 months traveling the world. Still just following Andrew’s trades, not ready to make my own. I hope to build my confidence up by attending a Masterclass next month and make a trade of my own however I feel there is no rush to do so. I had some good trades this month.
Elsie Brown


Young Zhang, 4.88% ROI

Greedy affects trading. Once TL and SL setup, leave there, do not move, doesn’t matter if it is a winning trade or losing trade. Once trade established, focusing on risk exposure, stick to your plan, do not be tempted by the moving market!
Young Zhang


Bill Matheson, 5.89% ROI

I trade 3 accounts and had mixed results this month and this account was the best performing.
I seem to be continually trying to refine my systems when I need to just stick to the plan and stop over-trading. I like to trade the Chief’s Advanced LB Bonanza, the Retracement trades and a 4H Chaos.
Generally, I’m trying to focus a lot more on Price Action and to stop over-trading. Discipline and patience are my biggest challenges. I want to earn an annual income to create lifestyle choices like travel and fishing.
The learning never stops and I am determined. The Uni course continues 😊

Thanks and Regards
Bill Matheson


Ian Brown, 8.17% ROI

Trading your plan doesn’t always end in a profit each month, but if you stick with it, the profits will return as they did this month for me after a couple of negative months. Sticking with the plan isn’t always easy when you get a few losers in a row, but if your plan is sound, the profits will come. You just have to trust the plan and manage risk.


Tony Born, 8.09% ROI

Started trading Crypto 3 years ago and got hooked on trading. Since then I’ve become a full-time trader. Started with Crypto, I got into trading the ASX 2 years ago, then less than a year ago got into FX. I guess I would call myself a price action trader if that makes any sense. more focused on price and levels rather than using indicators. A month ago, I pulled all my money I had in Bitcoin out, and transferred the funds to a new IC Markets FX account. So far so good with 9.75% gain in the first month.
Tony Born


Nicole Davies, 30.98% ROI

I had a fair month trading the Daily setups I learnt from Laz. Still, after all these years, I made a few mistakes that impacted my final results. Perseverance is the key that I tell myself every day.
Nicole Davies


Robert Stroet, 6.82% ROI

Good morning

I didn’t get back 1600 I had stupidly lost but progressing again with my balance just under $4000 and on track with a little bit of confidence again.
At the moment I am in the EURGBP long (Chaos strategy) that I entered last week and I am aware that tomorrow being Thursday 10/10/2019 could go pear-shaped for me or a nice $600+ profit and yes, I am using a $2.10 per pip volume (.21).

See how things progress this month.

Robert Stroet

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