LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success October 2020

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to Stephen Patterson for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to Heather Taylor for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.

Stephen Patterson, 13.13% ROI

Had a good month Trading hourly charts in the European session. Hopefully I can keep the momentum up.

Kindest Regards

Stephen Patterson


Heather Taylor, 16.76% ROI

October was another profitable month for me. I took 9 trades and they were all successful using the
opening ‘gap’ on the ASX. This month was a bit scary, as a few of the trades took several weeks to
reach their profit, so I had to be patient and manage my anxiety. However, it seems that the ‘gaps’
do close eventually, so it’s definitely worth the wait.

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