LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success October 2018

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their Trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to Chris Clifton for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to Tyrone Quirk for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.

Chris Clifton 23.92% ROI

Hi LTG team,
I have been trading with LTG since June. In trying to take Laz’s advice on learning one edge well before moving on to the next, I have been trading just the 1-hour Bonanza. I am trading 2% with a 1 to 1.5 risk to reward.
After a couple of months of mixed results, I was starting to lose my confidence and getting out of trades early. I then attended one of AB’s master classes in Perth which encouraged me to go back and back test the strategy to prove it to myself and then trade with confidence.
October has been a good month and I can see the resulting percentages aligning well with the back-test expectations.



Tyrone Quirk, 147.08% ROI

My trading has not been smooth sailing but this is the first time in my trading history that I am now making consistent returns which is very satisfying. I have to give credit to Andrew and the Trade time app that has helped pick out the pairs to trade on. Along with other tools I am now recovering my previous losses. Thanks, LTG for your assistance!

Keith Calder, 9.89% ROI

Hi Folks – Well October was an impressive month indeed. I am still struggling with the head concept but seem to have great moments and other moments of sheer desperation to be in a trade. Seem to be getting there slowly but surely.

Anyway, the tale of the tape is that I have an ROI of 9.89% with one major glitch in that I had been trading the index and forgot to adjust my risk for the forex. Paid the price for that but managed to recover. Thanks for all the support and keep the information following. Take care


Adrian Kass, 14.72% ROI

Firstly, I am very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful trading community. To have the ability to join Laz in the trading room each night where you have the opportunity to gradually develop your trading skills is really wonderful.

After many months of hearing Laz recommending that each trader conducts their own back testing, I finally sat down in September and back tested the Bonanza 3.0. The results clearly showed that there were better returns available for a 2:1 risk reward ratio.

In October, I followed this strategy with a new level of confidence having completed the back testing. And the actual results complemented the back-testing results resulting in a 14.72% ROI with the 2:1 risk/reward.

Thank you to all at LTG GoldRock for their support and mentoring.

Adrian Kass


Gunnar Nilsen, 27.43% ROI

I started to trade with LTG GoldRock back in August 2014 and joined Mark and Cameron’s Big Fish seminar in Melbourne 2015. I was trading both forex and index trading for 2 years and was just spinning the wheel without going anywhere and a smaller account. The Index trading suited me better as the trades are normally completed within minutes and do not normally hold any overnight positions. I joined the PT with Mark and Cameron in August 2018 and the trading has just been pointing in one direction with October as my standout month and being up close to 50% from middle of August.

Cheers Gunnar


Juanita Pereira, 7.45% ROI

Another great month for October. I have been taking all of your Trade time alert trades which have proven to be very successful.

The best thing I have learnt so far is to chip away at it slowly and prove to myself I can do it before gradually adding volume, which I have started doing last month. It is indeed all about Discipline & Consistency!

Thanks for all your dedication to teaching your clients!

The pic is of me at a recent Toastmasters Gala Dinner.
Thanks & Regards


Sean Shafiee, 9.52% ROI

Hi LTG Team,

Thank you again for all your supports. That was a great month for me. Discipline is golden key in this market and procrastination is the worst enemy.



Louise Shadbolt, 11.46% ROI

Hi Andrew & Team

I have been trading off and on for past 12 years and live in New Zealand. I’ve recently had two children ages 3 and 5, and I work full time. I listen to your daily updates and have been a member since 2011. I have just started to trade again and my first month has been great. Please see attached statement. Looking forward to more profitable months and entering. (Pic taken in 2012 at Traders Boot camp in Queensland)

Kind Regards




Jordan Trist, 14.77% ROI

I have been trading Forex for a few months now and October has been a great month for me.
My trading has really turned around since taking AB’s master class in Melbourne. I have set up a trading plan and now have my daily routine which makes trading a lot easier and I am so much more consistent with my trading.

Thanks to all the team at LTG GoldRock



Andrew Kampl, 52.25% ROI

Hi Andrew and Team,

This is my first application for trader of the month. I have been with LTG GoldRock since January 2018. I am trading Andrew’s H&S and rejection trades. I am running with high leverage but still following the rules. The penny started to drop at the Boot Camp and then I had my worst month in July. I didn’t give up and pushed on whilst following the rules.

This month of October has shown that I have ROI of 52.25%. In this I also had 2 mistakes -1 was I know what I am doing and jumped into a trend without a reason why. -2 was I got out just after break even as it had slowed down as I knew it was going to reverse. It didn’t and I missed profits. If I had followed the system exactly I would had hit over 70%…..

Thanks for the training and boot camps.

I am an office worker who has not got a lot of time day to day. I prep first thing in the morning and follow the alerts when they are sent out.

PS all the small trades and me learning Laz’s trades.


Mick O’Shea, 22.12% ROI

I am in my third year of trading, and thanks to a bit of hard work and study—and a lot of good support from the gang at LTG, I am becoming increasingly consistent, and satisfyingly profitable at my trading. It is not easy, and there are bumps along the way—but I am confident that anyone can do it with the right mindset.
Mick (MickO’) O’Shea


David Lim, 109.67% ROI

Thank you for your helps and support.

I have touched the bottom and rising with GOD’s help and yours.

Kind regards,

David Lim


Andrew Hill, 39.62% ROI

Hi Everyone and all the team at LTG,
Enjoying another profitable month with 39.5% ROI.
As a day trader the Bonanza is definitely my favourite thanks to the comprehensive trade time daily report from Laz.
I am now finding combining both technical & fundamental trading methods helping me to become more consistent but patience is the key.
Happy trading
Andrew Hill


Stephen Patterson, 30.47% ROI

Had a good month this month trading the Bonanza system. Just starting to realize what is possible.
As always thank you Laz. Your support and knowledge is priceless.



Mike Green, 32.23% ROI

Had a very good month and surprised myself, just need to be more consistent.



Ian Brown, 5.96% ROI

A modest month this time. Markets have been tough to trade lately, at least for me. When your system isn’t working as well as it was, sometimes less is more and it’s best to cut back on less profitable trades and wait for better setups.




Susan Priest, 10.33% ROI

Trading for interest and enjoyment and modest profits at this stage. Hoping to continue to build my earnings.





John Watts-Thomas, 30.16% ROI

Started trading live with Andrew about 2 months ago. The first few weeks I did not follow the trade alerts as I should have and lost money in that time. After going to the Master Class in Sydney I started trading with the tools I learnt at the Master class and the month of October showed that I had made a 30% ROI. Thanks for the Master Class Andrew.
As the MT4 platform did not allow me to trade shares I have moved all my money across to the MT5 platform

John Watts-Thomas


Ryan Magee, 13.40% ROI

Hi Team,

I’m new to FX trading having only entered my first trade in March of this year.

October was a good month for myself with a ROI of 13.40%. Whilst not my best month to date percentage wise it definitely felt the most successful.

I’ve really been concentrating on AB’s H&S & Price Rejection trades as they make the most sense to me. Having had a few losing months at the start by taking trades that simply weren’t there, I’m concentrating more on my discipline and not needing to be in the market all the time.

Thank you again AB & to all the LTG staff.

Kind Regards,

Ryan Magee


Grant Geange, 5.82% ROI

Hi Guys
I have had a successful month with a ROI of 5.82%. I trade two of the bonanza setups, the 50/200 and also some index trades. I have a strict set of rules that I stick to and only risk .5% per trade, I intend to increase this by .25% each time I have a successful month. Looking forward to another successful month .
Warm Regards Grant Geange

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