LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success November 2017

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their Trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to Jade Kameta for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to Melvin Hedges for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.


Jade Kameta, 22.74% ROI

I’ve recently adjusted my trading plan by reducing the amount of pairs I trade. I went from trading 13 pairs to 7 pairs. I now make a lot less trades risking 2% per trade with a 2:1 ratio. I trade only one strategy which is the Bonanza I learnt from Laz. Back testing was essential to helping me create that right mindset to my trading plan.


Melvin Hedges, 202.48% ROI

I joined LTG Gold Rock in early September 2017, before that I was trading on my own with very little success,

I spent September learning the lessons with Laz and Alex in the training room Monday to Thursday evenings, thanks to those lessons my trading has improved a great deal.

I now trade with more confidence plus I have a trading plan and I am working on my own edge developing my own strategies.

I still have plenty to learn, slow and steady is the way to go in trading, self development and having support such as LTG Gold Rock is a must.

Kind regards,

Melvin Hedges


Mark & Robert Sain, 25.27% ROI

Please find attached our Trader of The Month trade summaries for November 2017.

The month of November 2017, was another great month for us as we achieved a 25% ROI.

Having now had three very profitable month this FY 17/18, we have seen our monthly average sky rocket to 9.75% ROI per month.

Even though our monthly average now is almost double what we achieved to date last FY 16/17, we continue to stick to our Trading Plan.

We have no idea what our overall outcome will be at the end of FY 17/18, however, we have an edge so we are using it, each and every time.


Mark and Robert Sain

Andrew Hill, 49.37% ROI

Hi AB, & the Goldrock team,
I had a profitable month for November with 50% ROI

keep to your trading plan eventually rewards happen.

Merry Xmas to everyone at LTG GOLDROCK



Jasmin Wang, 12.12% ROI


My name is Jasmin Wang (Zhengli), please see attached Nov report. It is quite a busy month, thanks for sharing the knowledge and information.




Flemming Sorensen, 22.05% ROI

Following a few months with a Break Even and a losing month, I’m back in profit and feel I’m now following my strategy without taking losses or gains randomly. The month returned 22.1% but best of all I improved my win/loss value to 1.5 on average from 55% winning trades.


Robin Falloon, 19.53% ROI

Another good month and looking forward to the year ahead. Most of the good trades came toward the end of the month. I didn’t think I was going to hit my goal but a 19.82% month was pretty close.




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