LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success November 2016

    Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their Trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

    Special congratulations to Nigel Clarke for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to David Ayodele for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.

    Nigel Clarke, 9.26% ROI

    I retired from full time work in January 2012. I started trading Forex in July 2012 for three reasons:
    • To keep my brain active by learning a new and challenging career.
    • To create a business that I can pass on to my 4 adult children.
    • To give some of the profits to charity each month as my way of “giving back” to others for the help that I have had throughout my working life from other people.
    I have spent a fair amount of time growing my knowledge of currency trading, and continue to learn almost every day. My trading is improving (slowly), but I still have a long way to go to lock in consistency! I became a client of LTG Goldrock in January 2013. I look forward to the Trade Time updates and alerts from LTG Goldrockdaily as a way of supporting and enhancing my success.


    David Ayodele, 50.25% ROI

    Trading could be frustrating sometimes but also challenging and rewarding. I think the psychological aspect of trading is very important. Slowly but steadily I am learning the mental attitudes necessary to be a consistent trader.

    Thanks for all the support.

    Chris Keehn, 4.91% ROI

    I have had a reasonably solid month thanks to Mark and Cameron’s guidance and systems and using a 1% risk margin. This is giving me an average of 4-6% per month return which is not too shabby on an annualised basis.
    I am learning to be more patient and pick my trades however I still tend to chase a trade that did not trigger, to my detriment. I will learn one day.
    The support and education from LTG and the team are an integral part of my trading plan and will remain so as I transition from a working lifestyle to a trading lifestyle next year.
    Thanks for the great support.


    Sean Shafiee, 8.43% ROI

    This is the 5th month that I am member of LTG, and very happy with materials and sources. In last five months, my ROI is 16% that, I am very happy about that. I am going to increase my portfolio and keep going with my momentum for sure with Andrew and his team. Andrew’s report is fantastic and it is very educational and very informative.


    Mark & Rob Sain, 13.00% ROI

    The markets were very volatile again in November due to the US Elections. It was a wise decision of ours to stay out during the counting of the votes and wait for the markets to settle back down again.
    As a result we only managed to take two trades for the month with a 50% success rate. However keeping our one loss to a minimum and maximising on the one winning trade, saw us achieve a 13% ROI for the month.

    Mark and Robert Sain


    Yung Zhang, 4.63% ROI

    1. There were few trading alerts sent through in the middle of the month. I tried to take all trades while adjusting my risk exposure. On 19/11 I took CADJPY trade. This exploded my risk from 2% to 3%. Another pair I had by then was GBPUSD. By focusing on the trend of GBP, and it’s subdued upward force, plus the overall up beating power of USD, I decided to take the CADJPY long position and this increased my risk exposure. Couple of days later, I exited out one trade or two and had my risk exposure down back to 2% range.

    2. I think fundamentals have started having its effect on currency trending nowadays. I start using fundamental view as my guidance. But the technical view has reasonable weighs on my judgement. By focusing on less pairs, as i mentioned in previous month, I developed good guts feelings on specific pair, together with Fibonacci tools, the chance of picking correct position was relatively high this month. I will continuously apply this techniques for my December trading. Followings are my personal thought on my focused currencies:

    USD: Bull
    GBP: overall Bear, but i think it is Neutral till the Supreme Court results
    AUD: Bear.
    NZD: Overall light Bear. Short term: light Bull
    JPY: Bear

    3. try not to fall in love with Bear or Bull assertively. Once get into a position, let it goes, forget about it completely and re focusing on the pair like never done it before. By doing so, it helps me to emotionally detach from previous position, it will have a better chance for correct judgement. You can open a new position for the same pair, even if it has opposite directional views to your previous position. Sounds nuts right? Occasionally you can strike both way within the reasonable movement.

    4. Flexibly adjust risk exposure. 2% is the ceiling for all my positions. If the risk exposure doesn’t allow to have extra position, leave it!

    5. We can manually decided where to exit out , but remember, always, always, always, have firm “stop loss”

    PS: All my shared trading experiences have no logical arrangements. I just picking any point that pops out in my mind.


    Jon Winskill, 26.53% ROI

    November has been my best month for some time resulting in 26.5% ROI. Just trying to maintain low volume trades in the index room and trade alerts.I want to get my level of understanding enhanced to begin taking my own trades( always say this to myself with my business and lifestyle block consuming the majority of my time!)

    Jon Winskill


    Phil Hatherell, 2.67% ROI

    Hi Andrew, Laz and LTG Team,
    I have had an interest in currency trading for many years, played with demo accounts, suffered the classic boom and bust without knowing why. I didn’t know where or how to start trading properly or about the most important things like psychology, back testing and money management.
    Then one day I saw a full page add in the Townsville Bulletin while I was on holidays and gave LTG a call. I also did research on LTG and found that there were some pretty nasty people out there who like to blame others for their own mistakes. I am glad I didn’t listen to them. After talking to LTG further I then listened to Andrew for one night a week for three months at no cost so I could get a sense of what LTG had to offer.
    After thinking about it I saw the cost of joining LTG as a Platinum member, as an investment in myself and an educational opportunity in currency trading.
    Now, with all of the on line lessons I have had with Laz, I have more than gotten my money’s worth and feel that I am at a psychological level that is appropriate to this stage of my currency trading apprenticeship.
    I have been with LTG for over a year now and all I can say is that it has been a positive and enlightening experience.
    It is great being in the on line learning centre with Laz because he gives very honest lessons and has life experiences that reflect the different stages of ALL of us who are learning to trade currency markets
    And importantly, he never promises anything.
    LTG support have always been helpful with any of my enquiries either by email or by telephone so keep up the good work there guy’s.
    If it wasn’t for LTG I would have given up trading by now. I look forward to more learning and earning with LTG and Trading.

    Phil Hatherell.


    Keith Calder, 8.57% ROI

    Well it has been another roller coaster month but to the good side. I am still over trading but took the leap after paper trading some of the alerts and decided that November was the month to incorporate it into my trading plan to diversify my trading account with either some 50/200 or bonanza trades. Well this has worked out really well and for the month I am up (YAHOO) 12.62% which would be my best month ever. I am still working on my discipline and the mindset of a successful trader as through the middle of the month I hit the wall with a series of 10 trades with 1 winner. That really tests the mental aspects of your mindset and yes it took me awhile but got back on track. Thanks again for your advice and assistance. Take care.


    Alan Xiao, 14.77% ROI

    Thanks to AB’s trade alerts and AK’s trade setups, I managed to have another profitable month, achieving 14%, by keeping an eye on the risk management.


    John Flack, 17.83% ROI

    What an interesting month started out good and then bounced up & down for the rest of the month ending up around 17.83% up.
    Should have done better but making stupid mistakes obviously have not got full control of my timing and emotions as yet.
    Found it disheartening when you are up like 3 or 4 hundred go out and come home and have been stopped out and lost 4 or 5 hundred.
    Basically using a 2% risk strategy and still trying to adjust procedures & system to eliminate some of the major problems I have experienced.
    If need any more information please give me a call.
    John Flack


    Ian Brown, 9.37% ROI

    I’m a retired I.T. Librarian and have been trading with Mark and Cameron for a while now. I’m starting to better understand their style of trading on the FTSE, which is what I’m concentrating on now and have found that focusing on one thing is helping to deliver better profits. Extensive back testing of the strategies they teach has helped me gain more confidence in the trades I take and hopefully this profitable month will be one of many more to come.




    John Clarke, 23.34% ROI

    November has been another successful month of trading for me. I have only placed a small number of trades with minimal risk and high reward. I have resisted over trading and concentrated of those pairs identified by the LTG Insider Report supported by both fundamental and technical data. My trading continues to improve but need to be vigilant not to lapse into old, bad habits.
    John Clarke


    Grant Wilson, 7.45% ROI

    I have been trading since the just before GFC hit. In that time I have had some good years but I have struggled for consistency. The last year in particular has been difficult. That’s when I joined LTG Goldrock. I have found the daily reports to be invaluable in helping me stay focused on the broader picture and stick to the plan. I am trading the London breakout and take all my trades at 0.5% risk. November was great month – 7%! I am sure lots of other traders had a good month also but this is the third straight month of profit for me, which in some ways, is more important than the size of the return.


    Sanjeev Sood, 7.44% ROI

    Hi Andrew

    My name is Sanjeev Sood and I joined LTG GoldRock 2 years ago. Last month (November 2016), I made a profit of $ 138.47.


    Sanjeev Sood


    Robert Brockfield, 12.92% ROI

    Hi guys
    November in profit, I just do the same thing every month, stick to my trade plan, only take high probability trades, and managed risk, keep it simple
    ROI November 12.92 %
    Thanks Rob

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