LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success March 2018

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their Trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to Phil Hatherell for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to Robin Falloon for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.


Phil Hatherell, 12.28% ROI

Hi Andrew and LTG Team,

My 13 trades this month have consisted of 9 losses and 4 wins and cancelled 5 pending orders. My whole approach to trading has changed because I have aligned it with how I conduct my daily work routine. I am an Electrician and before I can conduct electrical work I have to test for dead. If I don’t test for dead I could put my life or others at risk. I must do it without fail so why not adopt the same discipline with my trading. My trading strategy works with back tested results of 1:1.5 to 1:2. Getting onto these can be the challenge to consistency going forward as I find that the trades can trigger during the American session while I am sleeping or during Asian session while I am working. So my opportunity to trade is limited to Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays 3pm to 9pm If I identify a potential set up in the mornings before work between 530 to 6am. Andrews “Sunday Forex Traders Pre Market Prep Session videos” are just what I have needed and will be making full use of those going forward.

Phil Hatherell

Robin Falloon, 44.73% ROI


Had a good month producing 44%. Look forward to more months like this one.




Chris Keehn, 12.71% ROI

Hi Andrew,

Please see attached results for March. Doing well on indices but not so well on forex. They are a different trading strategy which I have to get my head around.

Thank you to you and your team for the support and mentoring.

Regards Chris


Jennifer Edge, 4.17% ROI

Hi GoldRock Team,

I’m thrilled to be able to enter the Trader of The Month for the second consecutive month. This month I made 4.1% profit. I’ve continued to stick rigorously to my Trading Rules, and I am learning to trade fearlessly not recklessly. Being accountable to my daughter for every trade really helps.


Ian Brown, 19.36% ROI

Hi Guys,

November through February have been tough months trading my system with either small profits or small to medium losses, but I’ve been continuing to back test and develop the system which has done much better this month with a 19% return based on only one strategy. Every good system has periods of draw down and mine is no exception. If you’ve done your homework and thoroughly back tested it and know it like the back of your hand, it gives you the confidence to stick with it through the tough times and see the profits that eventually come. The draw down period has allowed me to re-evaluate the risk/reward of my system and come up with a much better version which I expect to do much better in the future. Time will tell. If this month is anything to go by, things are looking up.



Johan Kuyler, 7.06% ROI

Hi LTG Team,

After a few months of feeling like I’m not making any progress I finally had one of my best months to date making a 7% return on investment for June.

For the next quarter I have identified a few bad trading habits which I will be addressing which are getting out of winning trades early once they reach at least 1.25/1 reward risk. I will also be held accountable for all my trades. There is still a lot to learn but I think it is finally starting to click. I no longer worry about my strike rate and have taken a slightly different approach when entering a trade focusing on the reward/risk ratio rather than the entry.



Peter Stone, 37.29% ROI

Hi Support Team,

Herewith is my entry to the above subject – Trader of the Month Competition for the month of March, 2018. I have been trading FX for approximately 21 months without much success until about 3 months ago. I’m not sure what has really changed, except I’m using more discipline, and reading markets and chart patterns better than previously. Anyway, here is my Statement for March, together with a photo of myself, as part of my entry.

Yours Sincerely, Peter Stone


Ash Pyle, 5.04% ROI

Hi Guys had another profitable month making 5.1%.

Had a very bad start to the month being down a fair bit but stuck to my plan and came out on top a the end of the month.


Michael O’Shea, 24.45% ROI

Hi, I am MickO and this is my 3rd year trading.

After getting off to a not so good start, it took me a couple of years to realise how it all works—3 main things are required–

– A good Plan with only a few select trades that suit your personality. (Stick with Hugh Probability trades).
– Good Risk Control (Trades simply do not win all the time).
– Keep good records and constantly review everything you do.

I could also add, that you should not just know your trades—you must Master them.

Thanks again MickO


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