LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success July 2019

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their Trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to Young Zhang for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to Karan Nagpal for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.

Young Zhang, 6.54% ROI

Less is more. When the market is not too hot not to cold, carry-trade is the key to consider
Young Zhang

Karan Nagpal, 89.21% ROI

My name is Karan Nagpal, I have been a member of LTG since March 2018 and after joining LTG I have learned a lot and still learning. I had improved myself but still have to work on my trading skills.
As I am working full time and supporting my family all alone, I can’t give enough time on trading. But slowly I will be converting myself as a full-time trader in the near future.
Karan Nagpal


Keith Calder, 9.50% ROI

Hi Folks – I am pleased to report for a change a profitable month with an ROI of 8,81% that should’ve been better but chased a couple of trades that just weren’t there. Once I reviewed them, I realised my mistake that has cost me a couple of % ROI. Great when I stick to the plan and don’t let the greedy monster get a hold of me for a few extra pips. So now the challenge is to replicate this for August. Thanks, take care and have a good weekend.
Keith Calder


Bill Matheson, 28.86% ROI

Hi Goldrock Team
I trade 3 accounts and I had a good July with all 3 accounts up and a 14% increase overall.
I have a history of being impatient and changing all the time but with a new financial year, I am attempting to remain really patient and disciplined and stick to the plan. I like to trade Advanced LB Bonanza; the Fib Retracement trades and a 4H Chaos with 1H entry.
Generally, I’m focussing a lot more on Price Action. I now need to repeat my discipline and patience and repeat results. I do feel a few pennies have dropped in the last 2 months.
I want to earn an annual income to create lifestyle choices like travel and fishing.
The learning never stops and I am determined.
Thanks and Regards
Bill Matheson


Adam Rogers, 4.66% ROI

Hi, my name is Adam Rogers,
I am 40 years and live in Woodford, Victoria. I have been learning to trade for a fairly long time now. I have been having good success on my practice accounts, but haven’t been able to put money aside for trading until now. I got my tax back and decided to take the leap into real trading. Already I have found myself a little scared having started with a 2% risk on each trade, as I do with my practice account, I found I had too many positions open at the same time so I cut my risk back to 1%. My practice account had a very good month of 19.25% but as I only got in halfway through the month and only risked 1% I made 4.67% which is still good in my mind, but hopefully, I continue to profit in the future. I’ve started off well by already being up 4% this month.
Adam Rogers


Colin Grant, 4.32% ROI

A profitable month of many down months wrestling with strategy and my own mindset.
Finally becoming sensible with trade size and reducing the number of trades as well as managing risk better.
More to go in terms of journal and review and positive vibes going forward with LTG.
Still passionate and finding my comfort Zone with Daily H4 timeframe (46% win 54% lose rate).
Colin Grant


Ian Brown, 8.75% ROI

Another solid month with a good healthy return. What more can I say? Find a good trade plan and stick to it. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. We’re all different with different personalities and risk profiles. Do what works for you.
Ian Brown

Les Kovach, 23.83% ROI

Firstly, and most importantly thanks to LTG GoldRock team for all the training and groundwork. I have traded SPI futures 20 years ago and failed without training. I have also dabbled briefly with Binary options without success. I have followed Laz’s setups closely and turned a modified version into an algorithm (EA) which worked well. Since then I have spent nearly a year on refining EA trading. It takes nerves & computer know-how (which was my business). In July I traded two strategies on two accounts for the sake of sanity as they generate about 6 trades a day. My ROI was 45% if traded on one account. The bottom line is that without doing the hard work and laying the foundations correctly no trading method will work. You need the manual know-how to drive an EA or it will kill your account without emotion or warning.
I have proven now that the 7 Minute Workday is indeed a possibility and can make a meaningful income. I love the sunrise videos. I watch them every day along with the GoldRock Insider report.
I have sold my business in November and trading is now a means to a lifestyle and not just survival.
Simply couldn’t be more grateful.
Happy Trading

Les Kovach


John Clarke, 26.27% ROI

July has been another successful month of trading for me. I am getting better at resisting over trading and concentrated of those pairs identified by the LTG Insider Report supported by both fundamental and technical data. My trading continues to improve but I still need to be vigilant not to lapse into old, bad habits.
John Clarke


Supun Kulathilaka, 5.73% ROI

I have been with LTG for 4+ years. I listen to Andrew’s daily video every day which gives me an insight to what is happening overnight and how to approach the market.
Every day I spend about 1hr for trading but not trade every day, only when a set up comes in. In July I made 5.7%. Every month I am trying to average about 10-15% which can turn out to be a nice income which I can use for holidays and as saving by the end of the year.
Supun Kulathilaka


Nicole Davies, 80.70% ROI

A terrific month trading for me, focusing on Daily setups which I have found to be more profitable, and manageable time-wise. When working with probability I can’t afford to miss trades because I’m too busy, so the Daily charts are perfect for me. The GoldRock insider report and Laz’s recordings both help with my ongoing learning. Thank you
Nicole Davies

Liz Marshall, 9.47% ROI

Loving the trading but I would love more time to dig into the information further. Still trying to get my account into 4 figures but I am learning and I had 6 trades this month with 4 winners and my odds are definitely with a sell trade, although I realise this has no bearing on anything, just an observation. I am looking forward to the predicted downturn in the stocks to hopefully get a good trade or two.
Kind regards


Susan Priest, 28.79% ROI

Trading is fun and can be profitable too. What more could you want?
Susan Priest

Tyrone Quirk, 19.44% ROI

Another tough month of July in the Market but after experiencing some recent setbacks I was able to take some sort of gain for the Month of July.
I realized I was breaking some vital rules that I have had to reline my trading plan. I feel refreshed for the Months ahead no more mistakes and protect capital…
Tyrone Quirk


William Scotney, 17.23% ROI


This is the first time I have entered the trader of the month but I am not doing it for the chance to win I would just like to share my story.
Prior to commencing my trading career with LTG GoldRock, I had grand plans of making myself rich as quickly as possible. I worked hard to absorb as much information as I could to facilitate my new found career. I moved quickly from paper trading to a live account and soon learned that trading live was a whole new world. Learning to not sabotage trades has been the hardest. When you have real money at stake the tendency is to continually check on trades and second guess everything. The strategy I have adopted to combat this is to do my fundamental research and technical analysis upfront so that I can have the confidence to leave trades alone. I only take trades with the long term and fundamental trend and I only ever risk 1% of my account on any one trade. This risk strategy has saved my account from major drawdowns even during the time I was learning and coming to grips with the psychology of trading.
Very proud of what I am starting to achieve after 12 months and very thankful to LTG GoldRock for their support and guidance especially the motivational support from Andrew every day. Thanks to Andrew I have persevered through some tough months and have not and never will give up until I reach my original goal.
Kind regards
William Scotney

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