LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success February 2020

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to Andrew Hegarty for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to Karan Nagpal for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.


Andrew Hegarty, 6.57% ROI

Finally I get to submit my bio. I joined LTG late in 2014 as a 60th birthday present to myself.

I am a self-employed refrigeration mechanic, specializing in agriculture, such as dairy, vegetable growers and process cooling of anything.

Although when I started with LTG, I didn’t have any idea about FX, I was up to the challenge and become a disciple of the Chief and attended every LTG Event I could.

This journey has been fantastic. My education has been interrupted with ill health and my business has come under treat so many times in the past 5 years due to drought and sadly milk and produce prices that don’t support the industries I am involved in.

However, if you religiously follow AB down the path to the beach every morning then you will know that giving up when the going gets tough isn’t what we signed up for.

This year is my year. I am finally disciplined, definitely knowledgeable and very excited about my day trading future thanks to AB, LAZ and Alex.
Cheers to you all,
Andrew Hegarty.


Karan Nagpal, 408.51% ROI

I am member with LTG since March 2018 and after joining LTG I have learned and still learning about Trading and how to be disciplined.

I had improved trading but still have to work on my trading skills.


Ian Brown, 12.99% ROI

A nice return for February after adjusting my plan to improve my risk reward. Sticking with the plan and making minor adjustments to improve results. Working well so far with only a handful of setups that I now trade. Keeping it simple and trading less is having positive results.



Tyrone Quirk, 40.33% ROI

Feb was another positive month staying on track with my rules and meeting my profitable target for the month,even in the volatile times which is proving that my trading plan is working. Main focus is on change of trend reversals. This year is showing why people are scared to be in this market although with the right guidance anything is possible, thanks AB for your guidance and words of wisdom.


Jade Kameta, 10.33% ROI

Hi Goldrockers, I’m Jade from Rotorua New Zealand. I’ve been trading for a number years now. I only trade the daily bonanza because it suits my personality and it fits in well with my full-time job. Trading only 7 pairs whilst risking 2% per trade with a 2:1 ratio. The biggest tip I can share is having the right mindset, my favorite book is ‘Trading in the Zone’ by Mark Douglas which I also have as an audiobook on my phone. I listen to it from time to time so that I maintain a disciplined mindset. Do your backtesting and trust in the system.




Bill Matheson, 9.74% ROI

Hi Goldrock Team
My trading just wasn’t working for me so I changed early in Feb to really focus on 2 set ups and be very selective. The result was a lot less trades and nearly a 10% return.

Only focussing on 4HR setups with 1hr entries and clear profit targets has helped with discipline and patience.

My plan is to look at results over a 3 month period and if I achieve desired results I will begin to slightly increase leverage.

Thanks and Regards
Bill Matheson


Gert Lamprecht, 10.50% ROI

Hi LTG GoldRock,

75% of trades were winners (12 of 16 trades). I keep my trade risk to around 1% of my capital to protect myself from blowout losses and large swings in equity balance.

Gert Lamprecht


Grant Geange, 10.92% ROI

Hi Guys

A great result for February with an ROI of 10.9%. I am now taking far fewer trades per month and just focusing on the better setups.
Looking forward to another profitable month for March.

Regards Grant Geange


Irma Meaker, 6.39% ROI

HI Guys

I am a brand new trader and very excited about my first two trades!

Although it’s a small amount, it is a huge achievement for me and made me very excited to head into the future with you guys.

I am still just a follower and still totally in the dark regarding the stock market, but what I do know is that I am enjoying this more than I ever anticipated and can’t wait for your trading notifications.

I am a Real Estate agent, currently selling home and land packages, with the ultimate goal to pack it in and focus on trading while travelling with my husband around Australia and the world!!

Warmest regards
Irma Meaker


Paul Stead, 9.70% ROI

Hi LTG Goldrock,

Well my first year was up (3.5%) and then down (11.5%). I was following AB’s H/S trades and finding my own way with different trading ideas and strategies which I think is hard NOT to do as a newbie trader. What I have learnt though is to improve consistency and how to handle my “mental game” better. I have finally put together a trading system that suits and will continue to follow AB’s trades. February I got back to my starting capital plus change!

Thanks again.


Alistair Cowley, 28.20% ROI

Hi my name is Alistair,

I have been with LTG GoldRock for a few years now. I mainly follow AB’s trade alerts and have had great success with them over the last 12 months with a 28.2% ROI from this month alone.





Jenny Hills, 9.25% ROI

I am very happy with our results thus far for 2020.

I have continued my training with AB, and appreciate his constancy to show up, reminding us daily of what is important.

With Andrew’s constant, and extremely important reminders of what it takes to be a professional trader, I feel I have developed a healthy confidence to trust myself to enter & manage trades in a professional manner. I look forward to continual new growth throughout the year.
– Remain Humble and Focused.
– Keep refining your skill as a Professional Trader.
– Stay within your circle of competence.
– Accountability partners are an extremely important part of your Trading Team.
– Self-Honesty and openness keeps you focused and committed to your trading plan.



Colin Taylor, 34.80% ROI

Hi guys,

Long time no see. Thought I’d send this in as it’s the best month I’ve had for a while. A nice 34.8% profit.

I have been a member with LTG Goldrock since August 2009. I have not yet blown up an account but have been plugging along, mainly wave trading with limited success.

I have recently been more settled and am following a plan which is working well for me. I have also been following Andrews stock trades. Still enjoying retired life and looking forward to many more months of successful trading. Fewer is definitely better, and watch the risk management.

Kind Regards,

Colin Taylor


Andrew Hill, 13.21% ROI

Hi LTG team,

was interesting month with some highs & lows , but finished with 13% ROI always better than interest from any bank.

Always stick to your plan & consistency is the key to better trading.

Andrew Hill



Michael O’Connor, 2.67% ROI

I started with LTG Goldrock in October 2019 – after they were recommended by my step-mum who is also a member.

My aim has been to learn as much as I can – but I am focusing on the fundamentals as they will take the most time. I still learn the technical, but for now, the fundamentals is where I’m at.

February was an interesting month. I was naughty and tried to do too much myself in the live account (my demo wasn’t working properly) – it didn’t end well. The turning point was mid-month and listening to the daily reports by AB. I noted when he said ‘an opportunity to go…’. I looked at the chart, looked at the news (economic data) and then worked out from a historical perspective where to set my stop loss, where to set my profit taking marker. I also looked between the daily and weekly charts to check areas of support or resistance. I did this for a single trade position. I was still naughty and allowed myself to trade based on the LTG team’s alerts but never allowing my risk to rise above 2%.

Call it skill or just luck and timing – but I managed a profit of nearly $45 above my initial starting balance (which was lower due to losses in January). It’s nearly a $70 turnaround (Okay my last trade completed today 2 Mar).

Now that I’ve had the trade urge fulfilled (when you’re new to trading), I’m happy to slow down, learn more, and understand and develop my trading plan.


Jun Liu, 19.94% ROI

Dear LTG GoldRock Team,

I joined LTG GoldRock and started to learn trading from July 2019 and started to trade from September 2019. This month is the first time that my monthly P/L is at positive territory with about 19.9% ROI (please see the attached monthly statement).

The most important thing I learned from AB is to control the risk, so that I could maintain myself in the game even though I had more than 10 trades loss in a row. Trading is a long term game. One trade won’t make you rich, so don’t let one trade make you poor.

I still have loads to learn. I will continue to refine and optimise my trading system.

Kind regards,


Susan Priest, 26.81% ROI

A nice return in spite of the variability. All the more important to watch the level of risk when the pot is quite small.



Robert Stroet, 11.99% ROI

Good morning LTG

Please see enclosed my monthly Eightcap statement for February 2020 and strategy set ups from February and start of March and also the new modified trading plan for 2020.

In brief, the month was a solid month with good clear, calm and decisive decisions with no losses. If any I may have been too defensive with the 2 X 1% (just under 1%) wins and the AUDNZD short being just under 2%. The month of February was a solid 12% gain with the USDCAD long a near perfect entry and exit at just under 9% with no losses.

Just need to keep going with the same mindset and only think of 2 to 4% gains a month and everything else will fall into place.

It’s more of a psychological thing for me in getting back on the correct track again.

Robert Stroet


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