LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success February 2019

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their Trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to Adrian De Ravin for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to Tyrone Quirk for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.

Adrian De Ravin, 9.79% ROI

I am entering my trading results for the first time after a profitable February. I was slow getting started after joining LTG feeling overwhelmed because of my low level of computer skills. I am improving with the assistance of the LTG team and the 8 Cap team. I decided after 12 months membership Lorraine and I should attend Bootcamp at Twin Waters and get started. Bootcamp was a great learning experience and being able to meet Andrew, Shez and Yasmin gave me the confidence to have a go.
My trading competence is improving with ongoing training. We have attended the last 2 masterclasses in Melbourne with Andrew, with his enormous passion, and drive, he almost wills you to succeed. I intend to enter trader of the month as often as I am eligible as it gives me a level of accountability, like back to school at 70.
Adrian De Ravin


Elsie Brown, 5.32% ROI

I am pleased to be able to enter Trader of the Month for the first time since joining in September last year. I have been following Andrew’s trades while learning and starting to develop my trading style. I am looking forward to attending Trading Mastery in Noosa and to start entering some of my own trades.



Flemming Sorensen, 5.20% ROI

2018 was a mixed bag for me. Great to have relocated to Singapore for work mid year but very little success on the trading floor. I’m back in 2019 now with a new strategy and as Andrew is saying Never Give Up! Also I’m fitter than ever and ready to succeed in a new year with my new strategy that I believe should be able to deliver consistent results of 2% – 5% per month.
February finished at 5.2% which I’m very please about.




Grant and Linda Greange, 2.73% ROI

Hi Guys,
Another successful month with a good return. Sticking to my plan and staying focused, looking forward to another good month,
Warm regards Grant Geange



John Robinson, 3.07% ROI

Kind of lost my way with my trading for a while but am back into it again.
The trades I took for Feb are based on the RSI cross over 50 mid line on daily chart. One trade was Andrews head & shoulders setup on the 4hr chart eur/nzd.

As a trader I like to look at my charts to see trade setups that I can clearly identify. There are 100’s of setups out there that as novice traders we probably try to chase too much with very little reward- I know this has been the not so best side of my trading.

So, for me the RSI trade setups is still the one thing that is can see clearly without spending too much time in front of my charts. And also, the head & shoulders setups.

Happy trading everyone.



Jordan Trist, 20.28% ROI

February was another great month with a return of 20.28%.
This month I added a morning walk to the cafe into my routine which has allowed me to clear my thoughts, remain focused and have a good start to the trading day.
Another big thank you to AB and the team.
Jordan Trist


Alistair Cowley, 54.19% ROI

Hi my name is Alistair and have been with GoldRock for a year or so. I have found the information and education they supply very helpful and enjoy getting a market update each morning from Andrew. I am following all of Andrews trade alerts and don’t make any of my own trades at this point. Besides the Christmas period have experienced great returns. Looking forward to see where I can take my small currency portfolio.



Juanita Pereira, 6.20% ROI

A good month for Feb after a not so good one in Jan. I was able to nearly make up losses incurred, but that’s the way Trading is some months! it is important to keep your emotions in check no matter what.

I continued to take AB’s trades via the Trade Time App as this suits my lifestyle perfectly. During February I had been focusing more on fundamentals and what drives the markets.

Thank you for your continued dedication to your LTG Gold Rock clients, and I thoroughly enjoyed the recent Master Class!

Thank you and your entire team again


Juanita Pereira


Roger Kirkland, 19.02% ROI

I have been trading for around 12 months now and had very mixed results. Lots of ‘YouTube University’ combined with LTG training. Unfortunately, I seemed to be wrong far more than right. I tried everything from 15-minute scalping, to multi time frames, to daily and weekly. For the last couple of months, I have been restricting myself to what I know and become increasingly consistent. I only utilise a ‘Bonanza’ style setup and the ‘Head and Shoulders’ on 1Hr and 4Hr time frames. I have also created a couple of custom indicators based on your teachings to send alerts when setups present so I don’t have to sit by the charts all day. I simply check the alert, and if happy, place the trade.
I have to add, none of this would be possible without LTG instruction and tips and every time I start going wrong, it’s because I’ve been trying something different (learnt elsewhere), or not sticking to the script. I have made modifications to your systems but the base is always LTG.

Roger Kirkland


Peter Deakin, 5.92% ROI

Thanks to Andrew and the team I had a great February anything over 3% per month is a good month so slow and steady wins the race so step by step and stay the course
Thanks Peter


Nathan Schneider, 38.20% ROI

Great month keeping consistent with my trading plan and getting good results. After taking some time off from trading for quite some time and diving back into the fundamentals and psychology, I am trading less and becoming more profitable.
Regards Nathan Schneider


Lance Austin, 2.38% ROI

I have been with LTG GoldRock since August last year, but have only started live trading in January. It has been a slow but methodical process for me of making all my many mistakes in my demo account (which I’m GLAD I did in there!) and daily reading and trying to follow all that is going on in the FX and other financial markets. I wanted to pick up and learn as much as I could, and can, from doing all that, as well as follow AB’s daily instructional videos and Friday arvo and Sunday Pre-market videos. I have learned VOLUMES about a world I literally knew NOTHING about until I joined as an LTG client. It was a momentous and sobering move to live trading (risking only very modest amounts and volumes) but I’m proud to say that – so far – I have resisted trading out of emotion or “FOMO”, VERY happy to follow the “beginner trading plan” AB shares at his Master Classes, and it’s a real buzz to see my first profits doing this live!
Thanks, AB, for opening a new world for me….

Lance Austin


Michael and Gail O’Shea, 8.52% ROI

I have been with LTG for just over 3 years now and am becoming reasonably consistent with my trading. My immediate goal is to regularly provide a small monthly income, to subsidise our Pensions, having recently retired. I very much enjoy trading, but it must be said, it is not easy, but you do get rewarded for the hard work you put in. There is a lot to learn.
I get a lot of support from the team at LTG and find everyone very helpful whenever I have a question, and even when I make a mess of something—they quickly help me sort it out.

Best regards
Mick OShea


Bill Matheson, 8.52% ROI

After a couple of rocky months, I reverted to the Kiss principle and pretty much just traded 2 setups. The trades are a Daily Momentum Breakout trade and a 4H candle trade. This helped me to be more disciplined and has reinforced a few important rules to me. I travel a lot and now realise that you have to be in the right frame of mind and you must have time to trade successfully. I am still learning every day and as every month goes by, I am more determined to make a success of it.
Recently through work I was fortunate to experience driving a Ferrari over a mountain at Marinello and have decided I need to do that again. 😊
I really appreciate the daily video updates from AB and Laz as you just never stop learning.
Thanks, and Regards
Bill Matheson


Ian Brown, 25.32% ROI

Continuing with the less is more theme has given me my best month yet in February with a 25% return on significantly increased leverage. I’m continuing to focus on the trade setups that work and the systems that I understand. I find it better to focus on a few things to master them well than dabble in lots of different ideas that may or may not work. Whenever I dabble in trades I don’t fully understand, I usually lose, but when I focus on mastering specific trade setups that I’ve really studied hard, I do much better. I’ll say it again: less is more.




Andrew Kampl, 50.72% ROI

I had a great month again. I made 50.72% profit for the month. I followed my trading plan with my normal leverage.This is my second month of over 50% which is great. 5 Trades all H&S set ups on the 4 hr charts. 4 other trades not entered due to wrong set up…

Thanks for your help AB and LTG crew…

Andrew Kampl



Chris Murphy, 2.62% ROI

I’m a window cleaner with my own business in Adelaide.
Have been trying to get the time to spend with gold rock.
Had to retrain myself due to time away.
So now I’m into small buys until I get it together.
Kind regards
Chris Murphy



Glenn Swanson, 3.90% ROI

I have managed to achieve 3.9 % return for February. I choose to trade the Head and Shoulders set ups, because I find it better that you don’t have to study charts for long. And it’s very black and white. Thanks to the LTG team for the ongoing training and support.

Kind regards
Glenn Swanson


Robert Stroet, 9.93% ROI

Before the Master Class on Wednesday 14th of February I was all over the place trying to combine too much of Laz’s and AB’s style that resulted in trades not being as thoughtful as it should and also over did it with the indicators on the charts. At least I made sure Stop Losses were being used that definitely saved me, the only thing was that at the start it was around 2% S/L instead of under 1.5%.
Since the Master Class I have a better plan with more of a simple approach with less swinging using my own modified version of Warren Buffets 20 trade rule, and a stronger understanding of psychology.

Robert Stroet



Jeffrey Lampard, 15.24% ROI

I’ve been a member of LTG GoldRock for half a dozen years learning the craft. I’m still learning and really enjoying it. I am a 60 something school Chaplain and have a real passion for helping people. I’m really passionate about Forex trading and this is the first time I’ve sent in my results. This month has been a good result of 15.24% income in added to my Eightcap account after having my funds frozen in another broker getting into financial difficulties.

Love your training tips.

Kind Regards
Jeff Lampard



Scott Denning, 32.67% ROI

I am a chef based in Auckland New Zealand.

I settled back home last year after travelling and working overseas and have been a member of LTG since 2012, and always enjoyed Andrews content and training at LTG.
Last year I joined Mark and Cameron and started trading indices for the first time and saw a different way of trading.
My goal here is to eventually give up my current occupation and trade full time within the next 3-5 years.

I have greater discipline and risk management with my trades now although still not perfect and I am focussing on reading the market more and understanding its function before taking only high probability trades.

I love the content and knowledge provided by Magnetic and LTG, it is truly first class.

Thanks to Mark, Cameron and Andrew for all their wisdom and support.
Scott Denning


Steven Meulman, 16.94% ROI

Hi I joined LTG approx 2 years ago and have had varied success until recently
I have tried all the different variations of trading eg scalping, 1&4-hour chart trading with varied success
I now trade from the daily charts which seems to be more reliable relating to my trading strategies
I found the best way is to keep it simple with just a 200- & 15-day EMA to initially choose my trades on the daily chart, then using my stochastic on the hourly charts to find my entry points works best for me
This together with Andrews “trades of the day” seems to work well
My end goal is to make a living out of this and I feel persistence will eventually see me there
Steve Meulman


Derek Forbes, 11.19% ROI

I have been a member of LTG GoldRock since February 2014. The first few months were spent trading practice accounts and mainly losing money! However, things are starting to come together after attending a few master classes. I have moved onto a real account and made good profits for the last six months, but only using a very small account size. If my approach continues to be successful, I will start executing larger trades with more funds and hopefully start to make some meaningful returns.
Derek Forbes



Sean Shafiee, 6.98% ROI

Thank you for great supports and help. I had another winning month. I do appreciate all AB and his team mentoring.
Best regards,


Robert Tummons, 52.30% ROI

Andrew’s theory of “less is more” is right on the money, I had a great February only taking trades that Andrew suggested and matched the end of trend Head & Shoulders signal.
I am 57 and have been retired for just over One year after selling my business to a large corporate. I thought learning to trade FX would help to keep the brain cells active and the more I learn about the global economy through Andrews videos etc the more I’m enjoying the learning curve.

Robert Tummons


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