LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success December 2020

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to Grant Geange for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to Heather Taylor for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.

Grant Geange, 2.68% ROI

Hi Guys

Another positive month with a ROI of 2.68%

Looking forward to another profitable month for January.

Regards Grant Geange

Heather Taylor, 15.31% ROI

December was more profitable than the previous month for me. I took 15 trades over the month and they were all profitable using the ASX gap trade at 9.50am Melbourne time when the market opens. I love this strategy, as it is easy and I don’t have to study the charts – it’s literally 5 minutes work in the mornings and then I can go on with my day.

Ian Brown, 2.57% ROI

Only a small profit this month, but still positive. Hit all time high on my account balance in November only to close down for that month. Disappointing but recovered some of those losses in December and still aiming for all time highs. It can be a roller coaster ride at times, but you need to hang in there with sensible leverage and good risk management to handle the inevitable down turns. Time to review the plan and focus on what is working while eliminating what is not. Good record keeping gives you the tools to make that analysis.



Jennifer Edge, 2.82% ROI

Hi LTG GoldRock Team,
I’m really happy to be able to enter Trader of The Month for December 2020, with a return of 2.82%. I trade the alerts that are issued and a few of my own trades. I’m still working on learning and sticking to my trade rules, and accepting the randomness of trade outcomes. Thanks to all the psychological help & mentoring from Mark, Cameron, Alex & Laz. I particularly look forward each day to the live sessions.
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