LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success December 2018

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their Trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to Greg Shand for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to Darlene and Joseph Sullivan for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.

Greg Shand, 5.72% ROI

I joined as a member of LTG GoldRock in May last year, set up my EightCap 4 account straight away, and began using a demo account for about 3 months.
I was watching as much training as I could whilst running my own full-time business at the same time, so finding the time I required to do this was always going to create a challenge for me … but I persisted.
I remember something being said by one of the presenters (maybe you) about trading with a Demo account was basically a waste of time and that if I was ever, I wanted to become a serious trader, NOW was always the best time to start using REAL money, so towards the end of August, I started REAL trading.
Over the next 3 months or so, I had a lot of mixed results, created my own trading schemes and systems using information learnt from your trading, but never seemed to be getting anywhere … until quite recently.
Your presentation(s) regarding Wave Trading last month really caught my attention. I started back-testing on 24 different currency pairs and was simply amazed at how accurate it seemed to be virtually every single time, so I ditched all my other trading ideas and just concentrated on this one.
As a result, I found myself perfectly positioned with many trading scenarios, and really cashed in yesterday with the “Flash-Crash “involving most of the JPY pairs.
According to my own trading diary for December, I participated in 37 transactions in which 21 were profitable, which was a massive improvement on all the other months combined … but that’s not what I am really excited about!
I believe that I can get much, much better with just this one trading strategy (let alone others that I haven’t got my head around yet), and can now see a very financially successful future ahead of me trading currencies.
Thank you, Andrew, (and your team) for doing all that you do, and I look forward to letting you know about future successes as well.
Greg Shand


Darlene and Joseph Sullivan, 46.85% ROI

Happy New Year Andrew to you and all of the LTG Team and all Members,
Let’s hope 2019 has success written all over it for everyone!
I feel that it is now starting to make sense, a big thank you to AB for all of the wonderful Training sessions, it has made such a difference.
You are so right with being calm clear and persistent makes a real chance in fulfilling the actual goal.
Never give up which is now my motto, I have found being also patient with each trade bring a new light and success.
So lets go guys because here is 2019.
Darlene Sullivan


Gunnar Nilsen, 27.29% ROI

I started to trade with LTG GoldRock back in August 2014 and then joined Mark and Cameron’s Big Fish seminar in Melbourne 2015. December was a volatile trading month giving frequent trading signals and became my 4th full month with profit after joining the PT with Mark and Cameron in August 2018. I’m well above my trade plan and annual target of 50% since middle of August 2018. My focus now is going more towards the psychological aspect and mindset when trading and aiming to trade less and more focused. Happy trading 😊 Cheers Gunnar

Ian Brown, 29.93% ROI

Sticking with my system has proved quite successful in December despite reducing stakes following a tricky period earlier in the year. Resisting the temptation to give up, I kept recording the stats, made minor adjustments where the stats indicated, and kept taking the trade setups as they arose. Still being cautious as we seem to be transitioning from a bull market to a bear market and I need to make sure my system works in a bear market too. But things are looking good and it may be time to start increasing stakes again in the New Year.


Tyrone Quirk, 31.88% ROI

So another good result for the end of 2018. Just continued to trade the head and shoulder and wave 5 move. Always take note of AB’s world of knowledge in the trade time app.

Sean Shafiee, 2.16% ROI

Thank you for all your support, another positive month for me.

Best regards,

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