LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success August 2018

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their Trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to John Patterson for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to James Ford for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.


John Patterson, 16.39% ROI

Dear Team,

Though a little nervous and sceptical, I would like to enter “The Trader of the Month”. My first effort.

I have been trading in the stock market for many years, but since retiring to Harrington from Uralla NSW, where we grew fine merino wool for 30 years, I have become fascinated with FX trading. I have spent a lot of time and thought developing a simple workable plan which is always open to modification. Discipline is the key to implementation.

Please find attachments of my photo ( I’m not photogenic) and my August trading statement.

John Patterson


James Ford, 100.37% ROI

Hi AB and team I would like to thank you again for the great trading lessons and also for some great trades that I have copied or customise to suit me a bit better. I am finding trading really exciting. Plus love all the online learning. Since I started trading a bit over 3 months ago I have grown my account to almost 3 times its size and is now looking like it will be a good month this month also.

I mostly like the 1h and 4h charts as I also work full time but also like the flexibility of been able to use the phone app to keep an eye on it or enter more trades.

This month I will be working more on my risk management as you can see in the picture :).

Thank you once again keep up the good work



Bill Matheson, 11.90% ROI

Hi Goldrock Team

I had a successful August with an 11.9% return. I run 2 accounts and on this one I predominantly trade chaos 4hr and 1hr, and also a strict criteria on a Daily Bonanza. The result would have actually been much better if that is all I traded. So going forward I am going to spend much more effort on my discipline and managing trades when I am in them, because I do like to let them run. Reading a good book at the moment Laz recommended and I think the penny is dropping.

I am currently on holiday in Europe and it is motivating me to think bigger and think what I need to do to be a professional trader. Discipline is the main thing I need to improve.

Best regards


Melvin Hedges, 66.81% ROI


In short I have now been with LTG Goldrock for 11 months have learnt a lot from following Laz technical set ups, I have improved a lot in my own discipline slowing down and taking more time to execute my trades.

thank you.

Melvin Hedges.


Robin Falloon, 50.12% ROI


August was a very good month with a 50.1% increase. I am working toward being more consistent. Thanks for coming to WA and sharing your time.

Kind regards



Joseph Sullivan, 3.70% ROI

Dear Andrew and Goldrock Team,

My name is Darlene Sullivan and I have been with LTG Goldrock since the beginning of January 2018.

My hubby Joe and I began this adventure to hopefully learn something new and gain knowledge for our retirement.

Before my grandfather passed away, he said that you are never too old to learn and that we all should learn something new daily to enrich our lives.

How right he was, it has been a fantastic learning opportunity with LTG and I think it is just starting to all make sense and I would like to say starting to
kick some goals.

We have attended both the Boot Camp and the Master Class which was a good learning curve for us both.

Every chance I get I will be attending further classes as such as possible.

Kind Regards

Darlene Sullivan


Zachary Limb, 90.00% ROI

Hi guys,

Had a pretty good month, still finding that the long term trades are the way to go for my EQ or trading profile, there was some good trades that came through on the trade time app and I am looking forward to next month, still trying to find my preferred trading style though, I enjoy the long term trades but I also love to have a scalp when i am on my R&R from work were I have the time to relax and put some extra effort into the markets.


Alex Fan, 21.59% ROI

Hi: Andrew,

Here is our monthly trading result. This is our first month to trade from 6th of August. For the closed orders we at 21.6% profit. Considering overall account we are at 14.5% profit.

By looking at what I did in the past month. Here is what I can describe my trading behavior:

35 trades:17 wins/18 losses: I am so glad joining the Sydney master class to really look at trading historical to see how my journey was so far. It’s a great to learn Win Big and Lose small..
12 trades are complete trade which means reaching either T/P or S/L based on the plan (6 wins/6 losses)
23 trades are closed before it reached to the target (fear make me close them early)

Here is what I learnt and plan:
for AB recommendation: 5% of capital ( consistency)
for my own trade: 3% of capital(consistency)

Take the emotion out: following the price actions(what I see not what I think). use the technical learnt from AB:
Waves: Fibonacci /AO
Head and Shoulder at the trend reverse
In the trend buy or sell from the V shape break out

One thing I am still struggling is to accept mistakes(currently AU/CHF(It’s neutral at the moment both long and short)

The second thing is how to set up the stop loss properly: three or four times my trade was stop out. I am greedy and try to > 2:1 trade. What’s the rule?

I will keep this record and talk to you next month.

The photo is my family. we went to Tasmania last Christmas. About 12 years ago my wife and I went there and we promised once we have the children and we will come back and we made it last year. and this time we said to Elissa and Austin we will come in 10 years on 2027 Christmas.

Best regards

Alex and Christine (Weidong Fan and Yun Bai)


Ian Brown, 29.57% ROI

Hi Guys,

June and July were difficult months for my trading system with the biggest drawdown experienced to date caused by multiple losing trades in a row. While it was tempting to give up on my system, I relied on my historical stats to stick with the system and August saw a big return to profit again. Managing risk and relying on the probabilities kept me in the game to see the profits return this month in a big way.



Keith Calder, 12.27% ROI

Hi Folks – Well yes it was a good month and to start the Financial year with 2 winning months is great. Just need to maintain my discipline and follow the rules and my risk management and all will be good. Big things is the mindset has changed after reading the book Trading in the Zone. I have had the book for awhile and had challenges working through it and am almost complete now so onward and upward now.

Tale of the tape is ROI is 12.28% with a 55% trading success rate. So happy with this. Thanks again for all your support. Take care


Scott Gillespie, 5.40% ROI

Hi Guys

Please see my attached trading account meta4 for most of the month and then switched to 5

The first month I traded I thought I was Gordan Geko and lost money and the past month I made up the loses with a modest 5.4% ROI

New to trading, I didn’t use a demo account and traded from day one rightfully or wrongly. I am a finance broker, married two teenage daughters and living in Perth.

See you in Perth this week
Cheers Scott


Sean Shafiee, 3.69% ROI


Last month was another good month for me, thank you to AB and all LTG team for great support.

Best regards,


Rob Douglas, 7.23% ROI

Hi Andrew,

Anyway, I’m still going to send it as I’ve finally had after two years trading, a reasonably profitable month at last and to say thank you to yourself and Laz as I feel that I’m turning things around. I’ve stopped, well reduced, the amount of self-sabotaging that I’ve been doing.

Usually, I’ve been just up a little one month and down the next but I’ve slowly added value to my account which started at 10k.

Thanks again guys, love your work.

Rob Douglas


Peter Deakin, 9.96% ROI

Hi My is Peter Deakin I been running the Geoffery Kleidon account for about two years now one of the biggest things i have learnt is you Never stop learning

But If you are not willing to learn No One Can Help You…If you are Determined to Learn No One can STOP you!! August was a great nice % so all things considered anything over 3 % Per month is good

Thanks To AB and The Team at LTG Gold Rock


Michael O’Shea, 2.56% ROI

I have been Trading for just on 3 years. It took me around 18 months to really understand Trading. It was a complete new language and previously I had only traded Shares and Call Options.

I am now quite comfortable as a day trader and I fell I am well on the way to becoming a full time and profitable trader. I attribute much of my success to having good mentors and support from LTG and the team.

Michael (MickO’) O’Shea


Jennifer Edge, 6.18% ROI

Hi GoldRock Team,

I’m very pleased to be able to enter the Trader of the Month for the third time this year. August was my best month so far, making 6.1%. I started taking Laz’s 1 hour Bonanza trades with small volumes to learn the trade and am very happy with my results. I’m still working on trading fearlessly not recklessly, and accepting the randomness of trade outcomes, particularly when I have a string of losses.

A big thank you to Laz for developing this system, for his continued mentoring every night, and for his daily morning video updates. Also thank you to Andrew for his Informative daily emails and videos, and especially for visiting various cities for face-to-face training.

Jennifer Edge


Andrew Hill, 32.99% ROI


this month I have had enjoyed a 32.5% ROI.

Day Trading the 1 hr bonanzas & entering on the 15 min. charts I am slowly becoming more consistent with more wins to losses.

Many thanks to AB & Laz for the trade time videos daily.

Happy Days.


Juanita Pereira, 4.62% ROI

Hi AB,

It has been a great trading month of Aug. Having opened my live trading account straight after the Bootcamp, i’m excited to now be actively involved in trading!

As I work full time as a Project Manager based in Sydney, I’ve been following AB’s Trade Time app trades and religiously watching the daily videos and reading the daily Insider report which is extremely valuable.

My family is 100% behind me supporting me along my new journey!

Thank you for your continued dedication in educating people how to trade.

Attached is my trading statement for the month of August & a pic from a recent snow holiday to NZ in July 🙂


Juanita Pereira


Liz Marshall, 7.50% ROI


I have a very small FX account and I have been getting discouraged with only winning $7 or $15 on a good trade, especially with longer term trades. FOMO has lead me to risky trades which have a tendency to bite me. So besides listening to AB, I am working through the training videos and the recent Boot camp videos on the home page and I am working out it is the percentage or pips I need to be content with and the account will grow, I am working on my discipline. So here’s to a new realisation where I can celebrate % increases. Still looking for my edge.

Kind regards



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