LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success August 2017

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their Trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined trading strategies and reaping the rewards. We wish you continued success.

Special congratulations to Sunyar for winning the Best Risked Account and receiving a prize of $500 and also to Ian Brown for winning the Highest ROI Account and receiving a prize of $250.


Sunyar, 31.75% ROI

Please find below my entry for Trader of the month – August 2017.

My second month of Trading and I managed a whopping 31% return on investment and this equated to achieving 64% winning/profitable trades (loosing 36% of trades taken). I am still on a learning curve with FX Trading and would like to thank Andrew, Alex and the other LTG GoldRock team support members for their help and training and the on going support.

Here’s to a successful September 2017.




Ian Brown, 49.53% ROI

Hi guys,

I think I’ve finally learned my lesson (until next month anyway).  I stuck to the plan and while slowly increasing my stake size, I had my best month ever with a 49% return.  Thanks to Mark and Cameron in the Index and Pro Trader Rooms, I’ve back-tested some of their ideas, adapted them to suit my trading style, found an edge that I can exploit based on statistical history, and made it work.  I sat on my hands when tempted to press the trigger on untested trade ideas and stuck to the plan.  As always, less is more.  Looking forward to next month to see if I can do it again.



Sean Shafiee, 39.39% ROI

Hi LTG Goldrock,

I moved from GoMarkets to IG. That is a little bit different environment, but fantastic outcome. Another double digits ROI, that is always nice. Thank you again for all supports and materials.

Best regards,





Chris Keehn, 6.89% ROI


Below is a summary of my accounts for the month of August.  It now includes an additional trading account with IG for Index dividend trades.

The month was profitable (7%) across forex and index trades.  I am reducing the number of trades and focusing on those that are giving a return.  My trading plan is now to focus solely on high probability trades and leave the “I Wish” trades alone.

The guidance from Andrew, Laz, Mark and Cameron continues to be of tremendous benefit.

Thank you very much for giving me the freedom to now consider myself a trader (full time).  My wife and I are still having interesting conversations as she is still in the workforce, through her choice.

Regards Chris

Phillip Keller, 6.88% ROI

Hi Andrew,

I had not entered the monthly competition for a while.  I had a good month in August, both in the share market and a bit of currency trading.  I am happy to report a 6.8% gain for the month in my IG Account.

A few years ago I spoke in Melbourne about my tax loss selling strategy as part of a talk ( Predicting the Future by Studying the Past), I gave for Andrew after winning the “Trader of the Year” for 2012.

The Strategy involves buying shares that have had a bad year and are being sold off in the “Tax Loss Selling” season.  These shares seem to bottom between the 14th June and about the 27th June.  Obviously you do have to research which shares are down due to bad luck versus bad management.

This year’s picks were:-

Santos – $3.04 – today $3.80

Troy Resources – $0.07 now $0.115

Blackmores – $90.57 now $113.20

Fortescue – 4.71 now 6.01.

Mt Gibson Iron – $0.275 now $0.46

Not bad when you consider the Share Market has been virtually flat for the past 3 months. My intention is to take profits on Troy, Mt Gibson and Fortescue, but keep Santos and Blackmores for at least 1 year and probably longer.

I only mentioned the “Tax Loss Selling” strategy as it is great for time poor professionals running their own Super Funds as you need only spend about 2 weeks a year looking at shares and then “set and forget” until next year.  The best ever purchase for me was in 2002 when market darling CSL was smashed down from $23 to $12.51, ( $4.17 when you allow for the 3 for 1 share split) due to a glut in blood plasma that year. Earlier this year they reached over $140 per share (now about $128)!!!

I did not include my share portfolio in the “Trader of the Month” as I do not actively trade most of it and hence have only shown my recent purchases.

The photo is of Michele and I cruising in Alaska.

Phil Keller.


Sam Hegney, 18.62% ROI

Loser part time trader for 8 years until joining Goldrock in 2016. Will be full-time trader by December 2017.






Flemming Sorenson, 12.33% ROI

Another great month with 13% ROI and now three months in a row with more than 10% return.

Following the Boot Camp in Sydney in May I have improved my trading and now have a set plan covering risk management with the exact number of units to enter, stop loss, profit target and have most importantly improved my mental state and let the trades do their work.

When this is said I do believe that “a bird in my hand is better than two on the roof” so I generally lock in profits before the profit target, which is the reason for the good return, but also the area I am focusing on going forward to find a more automatic way to take profit and hopefully improve my profitability further.

Best Regards


Andrew Hill, 15.14% ROI

Hi Goldrock team,

another profitable month with 15% ROI.

Sticking to my trading plan with Bonanza 1 hour trades & now getting more consistent results.

Thanks AB & Laz & all the team from LTG

Andrew Hill



Steve Smart, 13.29% ROI

Just started up my Forex trading again after a years sabbatical and this was my first month back so not too bad (2 wins 1 loss) and over 10% profit for the month but didn’t start until a week in and potential trades were a bit slow towards end of the month so this was really over 10 or 12 days trading. At least its encouraged me to continue and start getting back in the groove!






Johan Kuyler, 2.05% ROI

Hi Goldrock team,

I joined LTG in June 2016 as I’m looking for a way to make a living while being able to focus on my music degree. After 6 months of trading on a demo account I started trading on a live account in January 2017 however lost nearly 10% of my account within the first two months. I knew I was doing something wrong so when the chance came to learn from Alex I decided to join the 6 month FX Fast Track with Alex program. Alex has helped me identify my errors and within 2 months I saw a big improvement in my results. For the month of August I made 7.61% which is my best month to date.

The two biggest adjustments that Alex helped me make was to get into a daily routine and risk management. To become a successful trader you need to have a routine which you stick to and have a proper risk management plan.

I would like to thank Alex for the opportunity to learn from him and would advise everyone to do the course when given the opportunity.



Grant Wilson, 26.60% ROI

Hi Andrew,

Below is my bio for trader of month:

I started trading just before the GFC hit. Since that time I have had some good years but I have struggled for consistency. The last year, in particular, has been difficult. That’s why I joined LTG Goldrock. I have found the daily reports to be invaluable in helping me stay focused on the broader picture and stick to the plan. Two months ago I made some small modifications to my system based on your recommendation to hold trades longer for larger profits and last month was my best in a long time – over 26%! Given my risk per trade was only 1.2% and I only placed 1 trade a day on average, I’ve never had such a good month for so little risk.



Peter Deakin, 10.19% ROI

Hi My name is Peter Deakin I trade the Geoffery Kleidon account and since the 1st of July I been using the TIA and Bonanza Trade systems and had two profitable months in a row August being the best so far.

A little about me I live in Golden Beach I’ve been on a disability pension for about 8 yrs. A Few yrs ago I very looking for a way to make more to live on I came across LTG GOLDROCK but I didn’t have the money to get started until a good friend decided to set it in motion so 1 yr down the track things are coming together so as long as I stay focused I WILL make it




Chad Kozicki, 10.56% ROI

Dana and I  relocated to Hervey Bay from East Brisbane in mid July and are enjoying our new home and walks along the Esplanade and/or the Beach. No regrets leaving the big smoke and settling down to a more leisurely lifestyle.

Trading still having its ups and downs. Trying hard not to over trade by limiting sitting in front of the charts to the European/ London market open. Haven’t learnt my lesson in that I took two trades on the last August trading day….not in my time frame……with resultant two losses.  Hopefully the penny will drop…one day soon.

Thanks again to everyone at LTG Gold Rock for all the ongoing teaching and support.


Chad Kozicki


Ross McLennan, 8.32% ROI

Hello All,

I would like to enter the competition for the trader of the month for August.

My return for the month of August was 8.32%.I have been trading unsuccessfully for 10 years pror to joining LTG 2 years ago which was the best thing I have ever done. With the great advice and guidance from AB, Laz, and Alex I am now becoming a profitable trader. I now know how important sticking to your trading plan is and aiming for a reward to risk greater than one for one and preferably closer to two for one.

Thanks to all of you for your invaluable assistance


Ross McLennan


Grant Geange, 3.12% ROI

Hi Guys

Not many trades this month, only four in total, three winners and one loss. I still made around 3% for the month. I am trading the 50/200, daily bonanza and smacd bonanza, all the stratergies have to combine with a wave cycle. Looking forward to another profitable month in September.

Warm Regards Grant Geange




Jay Andrews, 18.97% ROI

Hi Team.

I am back from the wilderness after having a pretty ordinary few months.

A bit of undisciplined trading saw my account take a bit of a hit but after some soul searching and a stern talking to by the man in the mirror, I have dusted myself off and have gotten back on the horse.

Not a bad return for August.




Robin Fallon, 13.29% ROI

My trading style is to trade when there is lots of volatility. This tends to happen around the opening times of the market. So I like to trade the ASX and FTSE open. My experience with the trading challenge has been that I feel it has brought more discipline to my trading.






Ken Shaddock, 14.37% ROI

Hi Andrew and Team,

Through August I shifted my focus to a higher level in the area of producing a successful month. The mindset lift worked. I have been with LTG Goldrock 21/2 years, enjoyed the journey of learning trading. I have produced good gross outcomes many months but always had too much opened trade dollars at the end of the month, not qualifying for submission. And for good reason. Get it right I thought. 14.4% ROI for August.

I am semi retired, enjoying my trading and loving the support from LTG.

Thank you Andrew, Laz and Alex.

Ken Shaddock


Graig Myers, 4.02% ROI

To LTG GoldRock Team

I hope you all are well


Kind Regards,

Craig N Myers.



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