LTG GoldRock Member Trading Success in April 2016

Each month we like to encourage our traders to share their Trading journey with our LTG GoldRock Community. We absolutely love hearing from traders who are hitting some major goals with their Trading Profits and Risk Management. Congratulations to all the LTG GoldRock members who are sticking to their defined Forex or Index Strategies and reaping the rewards.

John McIntyre, 10.35% ROI

Hello Goldrock,John McIntyre April 2016

Attached is the trading statement for April where with a risk of between 1% and 2% and mainly using a 4hr fractal break setup I made a return of about 10.3%.

A couple of good 2.5 R trades helped with the result although I was up 5 R on the USD/JPY until they decided not to stimulate but still ended up with a good trade, could have been a good trade to stop and reverse?

Looking forward to the Melbourne seminar.

Regards John McIntyre


Ross Taylor, 35.15% ROI

Hi Team,Ross Taylor April 2016

Since joining the Index Pro Trading team in January I have been able to identify and rectify many aspects of my trading methods that were not supporting my trading plan. I have been gradually gaining confidence and competence with my trade selections, which has contributed greatly to improved monthly results.

April has been my best month so far on this journey and I know I can improve on this by reducing the amount of low probability/marginal trades I take each month.

Patience and selectivity is the key to future success. I am currently living in Noosa and enjoying the freedom and lifestyle trading provides.


Ross Taylor


Glenn Swanson, 2.75% ROIGlenn Swanson April 2016


After some months going nowhere, I realized my trading account size was best suited to small time frames, so the Bonanza and the 50/200 is working for me. I am limited to twice a day looking at charts and set ups, due to 10hr work shift. Just got to do what you got to do!

Kind Regards




Louis Jahshan, 26.01% ROI

Hi Mark & Cam

I would like to say thank you very much for the continuous support that your are providing us through not only your forecast and review but also your mentoring through the rooms and Skype.

I am benefiting from your tutoring and follow ups and as a result of this I was able to make last April 26% return on my capital as shown in the attached statement of Go Markets

I know there is plenty of room for improvements and I appreciate your comments

Best regards



Stephen Chilvers, 4.63% ROIStephen Chilvers April 2016

I have been trading with LTG GoldRock for nearly 3 years now and have slowly learnt many aspects of that are involved with trading.  This year I have joined in Mark and Cameron’s Pro Trader program and I feel it’s putting all the pieces together and allowing me to trade with more discipline and thus more consistency. I’m looking forward to not only the rest of this year but many more successful years in the future.



Derek Forbes, 13.9% ROIDerek Forbes April 2016

I have been a member of LTG Goldrock since February 2014. The first few months were spent trading practice accounts and mainly losing money! However, things are starting to come together after attending a few master classes. I have moved onto a real account and made good profits for the last six months, but only using a very small account size. If my approach continues to be successful, I will start executing larger trades with more funds and hopefully start to make some meaningful returns.




Jade Kameta, 8.09% ROI

Hi Andrew,Jade Kameta April 2016

I’m Jade from Rotorua New Zealand and this is my first time applying for trader of the month. And I’ve been a member of LTG Goldrock for about 3 years and in that time I feel like I’ve made every single mistake a trader could ever make.

I currently trade the Bonanza and the 50/200 I receive from my trade alerts. Those trades suit my personality and I’m able to trade them whilst I’m working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. I risk 1% per trade and I take all trades that trigger. I’ve done all my back testing and I’m feeling confident in the strategy. I join Laz most nights in the Live Trading Room especially when I’m feeling lost. I’ve read the book ‘Trading In The Zone’ that my partner bought me for Christmas because she thought I needed it lol…. And I absolutely love it…

Consistently… Risk Management… Don’t fidget and keep things simple and follow the strategy… Keep the faith…

My dream is to become a full time trader/entrepreneur…

Here’s a picture of me and my 5 year old daughter who just started school last Monday…

Kind Regards



Greg Coggiola, 31.79% ROIGreg Coggiola April 2016


After making a small profit in March where I controlled my money management much better than in previous months I was able to carry that over into April resulting in a very nice 32% return.

I mainly trade the indexes and have learnt a lot from Mark and Cameron which has allowed me to develop my own trading style.

The saying “make more by trading less” really works for me.


Greg Coggiola


Keith Baker, 5.00% ROIKeith Baker April 2016

Hi there,

Thought I would submit for TOTM as I made £743.21 (5%) last month. You’ve kindly remitted several $50 prizes now, so you don’t have to keep doing that – don’t want to push the system! – but hopefully my submission, with others, will be an encouragement to new traders.


Bill Matheson, 6.60% ROI

Hi Goldrock Team,

A brief BIO for entry into trader of the month with photo attached, statement below.Bill Matheson April 2016

I joined LTG Goldrock around November 2015. Previously I traded CFD’s without and guidance or teaching and the result reflected the same. I had a good month in January but must have thought I had it mastered because I gave all my profit back in Feb and more in March. I went to an AB masterclass at the end of March and have recently been able to spend more time back in the trading room with Laz and there is no doubt I have benefited from both. I still struggle with temperament a bit, both patience and discipline, but I now understand you must have an “Edge” and think I am improving on this every week. In fact, for the first time since I started, I now believe I am not just fluking the wins, but finding that edge on a set up. I want to add to my income now and into retirement in the future (Still some years away for me) and keep the mind active and alert. Still a long road ahead but loving the education and excited about the future.

Best regards


Bill Matheson

Max Formby, 10.73% ROIMax Formby April 2016

Please find attached trading statement for April.

I have been trading for a couple of years and it is now starting to make sense and is falling into a pattern

Unfortunately not much to trade with but am certainly making progress

Thanks to AB and the chief for their help along the way

Photo attached



Chris Keehn, 6.18% ROIChris Keehn April 2016


A lesson in overtrading and then lacking in commitment to let trade run to the selected outcome.  Lesson learned to be selective, patient and then committed to the plan.

Regards Chris


Chris Keehn

Robert Brockfield, 5.99% ROIRobert Brockfield April 2016

Hi Guys

Another profitable month trading the indices 5.99% ROI, the month started off well, and then a few losses coming into the end of the month, brought my profit down, still good end in positive so that good


 Thank Rob


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