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How to Get Started Investing

So a lot of people ask us how they start investing in this way. It’s an interesting question because what attracts many of our clients are all the lifestyle benefits of being able to make money in small amounts regularly with low risk, but then, of course, you need to know how to do it. And through this blueprint series of articles, we’re going to actually show you the processes that investors like you go through. We’ve been doing this now for over 10 years and we’ve been coaching people just like you all this time.

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What we want to introduce you to next are the strategies that we’ve implemented when we started that fast-tracked our success. A lot of retired people, moms and dads, can often spend months and even years trying to get it right and not ultimately get there. What we’d like to help you understand is the greatest way to Never Run Out Of Cash in the world. So what we want to share with you next are the processes that you need to follow to make meaningful profits and keep your risks low at the same time.

What It Takes To Be Successful

A lot of people ask us, Can I really achieve that sort of lifestyle? Our answer is yes. We have helped many thousands of people achieve this and we can help you too. You can make as much or as little as you want depending on what your goals and lifestyle are, but it’s totally flexible and you can do as much or as little as you want each week to help achieve your goals.

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We receive monthly photos from our members living their best life. Below is just a snapshot of the hundreds we have received over the years.

Surround yourself with the right people. Surrounding yourself with the right wisdom and success and the opportunity for you is going to explode. Successful investing is about providing a new opportunity to generate more cash flow, whether it’s about simply generating additional income to pay the bills, more income for your retirement, your self-managed super, whatever it is, you’re not going to achieve it on your own. What you need is that support and that guidance.

Get this right and it’s the best opportunity to make ongoing cash flow in the world. Live anywhere in the world, no ceiling on your income. But what you need to do is make sure you surround yourself with the right people and get the coaching, and be ready and committed to doing that. Because if you don’t, don’t even bother. But if you’re prepared to do that, then the opportunity is huge.

So in the upcoming articles, what we’re going to share with you is what this might look like for you, the equipment that we use, and the processes and systems that we use on a daily basis to make good financial decisions.

The Process

Okay. So let’s talk about the exciting stuff. Let’s talk about the processes and the little secret sauce that we use to invest with. We want to shatter a myth right now, and that is, that to be a successful investor, you need to know something that is a secret or something that other people can’t get access too. That’s actually not true. But what is true is that the biggest losers in financial markets are novice investors that don’t understand is what is driving the market fundamentally.

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Well, technical analysis is the most popular thing used by novice investors because it’s very visual. They’re patterns, very easy to see a pattern. Not so easy to understand inflation data, retail sales, GDP numbers, Market Sentiment, et cetera. And that’s what we have specialized here at LTG GoldRock. So here’s the process that we go through.

Number one, whatever market that we’re investing in, whether it’s a currency market, a stock market, oil, gold, whatever it might be, we want to know, what is the theme fundamentally in that market? What is driving that market fundamentally? For example, the Aussie dollar. The Aussie dollar rises and falls based on interest rates. If interest rates are being lowered in Australia, the Aussie dollar will be falling. If they’re getting put up or the market expects they’re going to be raising interest rates, the Aussie dollar is going to be rising. So we must formulate what is called a fundamental directional view. And what LTG GoldRock provides its clients on a daily basis is exactly that. So we understand right now what the theme is, the data coming out, and what the fundamental key drivers behind the markets are.

Then what we do, the second phase, is we go to our technical analysis and we look for what we call a value proposition. We look for a market that is trending in a direction fundamentally, we wait for a pullback technically, and when that fundamental strength starts to come back in, that provides us with a value proposition. So we use our technical analysis to determine where that value proposition is. So we do use technical analysis, but it’s in combination with our fundamental analysis. Now, why is it so important to know those two things? It’s because you have the opportunity when you do put those things together to win big.

Now, the third and most important thing in the process of how to invest and make meaningful profits is understanding how to position size and manage risk. Really simply, every investment we take, if we’re risking $1, we’re looking to make $2 or $3, or more. We are never risking $1 to make $1. Every single investment we enter, because of the fundamental and technical analysis we’re putting together, this provides us with a risk management opportunity to risk 2%, 2% is the total risk we ever have on a position, and we look to make 4% to 6% on a single investment. And we potentially do that several times per month. So for example, if your investment account is a $1,000, $2,000, $10,000, $100,000, the risk management is managed to 2%, and we have a risk calculator that sits on the computer to help us position size correctly so that our risk is managed consistently.

So the process, the little secret sauce, is to understand fundamentally what the major theme is which is where the money will be flowing in investment banks and hedge funds. Wait for that pullback in the price technically in that trend, and look for the value proposition when the money comes back in. We don’t try and catch falling knives. And then what we finally do, and the most important thing is to position size our investment correctly. So as every investment we’re entering, and again just to use an example, if we’re risking $10, we’re looking to make $20 or $30. If we’re risking $1,000, we’re looking to make $2,000 or $3,000. You don’t have to be a mathematician to know that if we actually risk $1 to make $2 and we’re only right half the time, we make money.

In fact, we only need to be right 38% of the time to break even. Better than 38% of the time, we’re making money. In the next article, we’re going to talk more about risk management, because risk management is the salvation of any investor, and it’s so important for you as a private investor to make meaningful profits, you’ve got to know how to manage risk.

Managing Risk

All right, so let’s talk about what we think is the most important thing to know about being a successful private investor, and that is how to manage money, how to manage your risk to ensure there are no big drawdowns so that there are no nasty surprises.

You may be in a position now where you’re giving your money to a financial planner, to a broker, or to somebody else in a super fund. There’s a very distinct lack of control that you have with respect to drawdowns and whether or not you can stop positions and limit risk.

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As a private investor, we have mechanisms and strategies that we use to limit the risk. We mentioned in a previous article about risking 2%. This is the same concept used in the investment banking world, inside hedge funds, and very, very wealthy investors. At LTG GoldRock we have a profile of about a 2% risk limit on most of the investments that we take. But the average novice investor, if you talk to them and say, ” Well, what is your risk profile on every single position that you take? Is it limited? Is it set in stone? ” Most of the time, they’re risking between 0% and 100%. They don’t really know.

So, the next step in the process of learning how to invest successfully and being able to gain sustainable, meaningful profits every year is managing and limiting your downside.

If investing is so simple, if you can learn the fundamentals, if you can learn the technicals, if you can learn the risk management, why can’t everyone do it?

Because every individual investment we take has a random outcome. We cannot pick guaranteed winners. The most successful investment banking firms in the world cannot pick guaranteed winners. What we have, is we have an edge .

In the previous article, we talked about the fundamentals lined up with the technicals, lined up with the risk management, gives us an edge over a series of investments . What we don’t know is which ones are going to be the winning investments and which ones are going to be the losing investments. But over a series of 20 – 30 investments, the expectation is to be right between about 50% and 60% of the time, but every single time we are right, we will make significantly more than we lose on each investment. So when we’re investing, it’s not about how many times we’re right and it’s not about how many times we’re wrong. What’s important is, what we make when we are right and what we risk when we are wrong. Hopefully, by now you’ll understand the answer to that question is, we aim to risk about 2% to make 4% to 6% per investment. Therefore, we don’t need to stress about being right the majority of the time. We will still make money if we are right only 50% of the time.

So, the important thing about risk management, is that we have a calculator that helps us determine the amount of money that we should be investing. When we’re about to take a position, we enter in the price we’re entering, the profit objective, and what we call the stop loss of where we’re going to exit to limit any downside to 2%. We put those numbers in and the risk calculator automatically tells us the amount of money to be invested to ensure that 2% is not exceeded. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a $500, a $5,000, or a $500,000 investment account. And that is what most novice investors don’t have.

So, a lot of people that are concerned about becoming a private investor and they’re worried about the risk, well, we will just give you a simple tool when you come and invest with us that will ensure that you don’t have those big drawdowns.

But the key to long-term sustainable success is understanding that we can’t pick guaranteed winners, but rather, we have an edge. We have an edge that when it shows up in the market over a given number of investments is going to be right more times than it’s wrong. But when it is right, due to the fundamentals of the market, the technicals and the risk management allow us to just simply win bigger than we risk. And that way, over time, sustainable long-term profits are achieved.

The average novice investor is trying and expecting to win every single time. It’s not possible. So, we are clear, we are calm, we are decisive. And when you invest this way, it limits the emotion that is created in investing. In the next article, we’re going to talk a little bit more about the teachable nature of the way that you need to approach your investing with respect to the learning, the teaching from the LTG GoldRock team, and how are we going to get you started on the right foot to be able to continue to move forward to get the returns you’re looking for.

What You Need To Know

There are processes that need to be put in place. And of course, when it comes to investing, everybody gets very excited about the money, but they don’t actually focus on what it actually does take to get to the money.

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So what we’ve discovered over the past 10 years since we launched our business, and we have now over three and a half thousand clients around the world, and we’ve been fortunate to host television programs on Sky News for a few years and accept a number of awards in London and here in Australia for what we do. But what we’ve discovered is that if you’re willing to be focused, if you’re willing to spend a few minutes a day focusing on the core things of what you need to know then this will work for you.

See, one of the things that you’re probably thinking right now is, that I need to know a lot. I need to know a lot more than I know now. And that is true. You need to know certain things, but you don’t need to know everything. You need to know what matters. Just like a builder, just like a sportsperson doesn’t need to know everything. They just need to know what matters at that moment. So what LTG GoldRock has put together is essentially a blueprint for success. A teachable system that starts out from the ground up, not assuming that you know anything. And if you do know something that’s great, but we have a strategy and a system to understand the market fundamentally, understand the market technically, understand how to manage risk, how to execute positions. But also one of the most important things is how to be disciplined with the process of investing.

So, can you go out there and learn how investment banks and hedge funds invest on your own and make money? In our experience, no, you can’t. Not on your own. Over the course of the last 10 years, LTG GoldRock has hired and worked with professional investors from Goldman Sachs, Credit Swiss, Cantor Fitzgerald, some of the biggest investment banks in the world. And you’re going to need that same support and guidance. So, is success as a private investor achievable?

Well, the answer is of course it is. It’s no different from any other thing you have tried in life. If you focus on the right things and you’re willing to do the right things when it comes to risk management, what you’re learning about in this blueprint series could change your life financially forever. Can we make you rich tomorrow? No. Can we make you rich in the next three to six months? No. But can we help you build long-term, sustainable, cash flow that makes you meaningful profits far greater than giving your money to any other broker or financial planner? Yes, we can. And it all comes down to understanding the core things that are the most important, the fundamentals, the technicals, the risk management, and the execution and discipline. In the next article, what we’re going to talk about is achievable outcomes. What’s a realistic, achievable goal in the first six to 12 months? What should you be doing if you have a self-managed super fund?

Achievable Outcomes

Okay, so let’s talk about achievable outcomes, and the different types of investors that come and invest with LTG GoldRock, and the type of investor you might be.

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Are you someone who just wants to make some additional cash flow on a weekly basis? Maybe another $200, another $300, another $500? Well, name me a career that you can do that without having to go and spend money on a business, sitting in traffic, all of the normal things that come along with a regular business. Our investing is unique in that respect. So the outcome is yes, you can achieve that additional cash flow that you’re looking for. If you’re someone who wants to generate more additional income for your retirement, self-managed super, maybe you’re fearful that you haven’t quite got enough. Well, there’s an approach that we have for that. There’s a conservative blueprint for success that we can achieve more than what you’re getting right now, by applying the principles that we’ve talked about through this series.

You might ALSO be someone who is looking for a new career. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you don’t enjoy the job you’re in right now. Maybe you want to get out of the business you are in and you want to live the lifestyle benefits of being able to invest anywhere in the world, all without having a ceiling on your income. All of these things can be a reality for you, provided you’re willing to put in the effort and be able to follow the process. Now, we don’t say the time because we can shorten the time, allow the LTG GoldRock team to do the groundwork for you, to deliver you those fundamental reports, deliver you the technical reports, deliver you the regular investments, all you need to do is execute. And over time what we’re going to be able to do is teach you the way in which you can do it yourself and you can be independent.

An 8% return on investment per annum, on $10,000, over 10 years is just short of $25,000. That’s about what an industry balanced managed fund would achieve. The same amount of money at 4% per month over the same period of time is not $25,000, it’s $1 million. Now we are not going to promise you $1 million in 10 years, but what we can promise you is if you’re willing to do the right thing and follow the simple steps in the process, the reality is, is what you’re learning about right now can change your life financially and you’ll make a lot more than what you will giving your money to others and living in hope. So let’s take control. Let’s learn the strategies that are going to see you be successful long-term.

The Opportunity

Okay, time for the next step. A great idea right now is to book a consultation with one of the LTG GoldRock senior client advisors to really find out if this is right for you. So if you like the idea and it makes sense to you, I encourage you right now to put your details in and that way we can get started by asking you the right questions. You can ask us all the questions that you would like to ask and we can make sure that we’re going to make a great financial decision together.

The most important thing is that you get started and you do something because the meaningful returns on investment that you’re looking for are just on the other side. But what might feel like a little bit of uncertainty right now, we’d like to help you with that process.

Book a consultation and we’ll answer all of the questions that you may have. We at LTG Goldrock wish you every success and we look forward to getting you started making some extra cash for your retirement or for whatever reason you might need it

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