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How to Become a Professional, Private Trader

Video 1: Introduction

A quick intro to the money making business of generating long term, meaningful profits every year for the rest of your life

  • How and why I trade for a living
  • What this Fast Start course is all about and why it could be the most valuable thing you watch this year
  • Why it’s important that you’re in the money making business for yourself… no matter what your current profession

Video 2: How I Got Started Trading

Discover the financial and lifestyle benefits of being a private trader

  • Why this is the greatest career in the world once you get it right
  • A business with an unlimited income ceiling (no one dictates how much money you’re going to make)
  • The freedom to work from home… or wherever else you want

Video 3: What It Takes to Be Successful

The processes of making meaningful profits over the long term

  • How long does it take to be successful?
  • The biggest reasons many people fail
  • Developing the foundations for long term success

Video 4: What You Need to Get Trading

What does a typical day of a private professional trader look like

  • My daily trading routine and how much time you need to invest each day
  • The equipment and tools I use… and what you need to get started
  • The processes and systems I use on a daily basis to make good financial decisions

Video 5: The Process

The secret sauce of successful trading

  • What the biggest losers in financial markets are doing wrong
  • The fundamental drivers of the Aussie Dollar
  • How to find a buying opportunity

Video 6: Managing Risk

The most important thing about being a successful private investor

  • The biggest mistakes of the average novice trader
  • How to manage money and risk to ensure there are no big drawdowns or surprises
  • Why your success rate isn’t important… and what the real important thing is

Video 7: What You Need to Know

How to build long term, sustainable wealth and make meaningful profits over the long term

  • You don’t need to know everything, but you need to know what matters, in that moment
  • The core things that you need to know
  • A teachable system that starts out from the ground up to understand the market fundamentally, technically, manage risk, execute positions

Video 8: Trading Styles

The different types of traders

  • What are achievable outcomes
  • What’s the amount of money you should be trading with when you first start
  • Realistic achievable goal in the first 6 to 12 months

Video 9: The Opportunity

How to get started as a private, professional trader

  • The next steps
  • Booking a free “Will Trading Work for Me?” phone consultation with a Senior Client Advisor
  • Attending a live coaching and trading webinar

Will Trading Work for Me?

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