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Maximise Your Income We have arrived at a perfect storm of low interest rates
and volatile market conditions. Many investors today are
looking for new ways to maximise income.
Maximise Your Income We have arrived at a perfect storm of low interest rates
and volatile market conditions. Many investors today are
looking for new ways to maximise income.

Research shows that more Australians than ever before intend to work beyond 70 as they lack the financial security to retire sooner.

LTG GoldRock Can Help

We help investors climb the steps to financial success one step at a time through our education, world-class team of traders and trainers using their tools and strategies, supporting them on their trading journey, every step of the way.


LTG GoldRock helps investors to make the most important investment of all – in themselves! We teach investors how to properly analyse the market to give them the all-important edge that is backed up by professional risk management techniques.

John TempletonLTG GoldRock Member
“I joined LTG GoldRock over 3 years ago in order to gain an education on financial markets. I wanted to develop a better understanding of the way financial markets operate and how that can then improve my lifestyle goals – to spend more time fishing, skiing and at the beach. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), I have a university level education in Managed Funds. I believe groups like LTG GoldRock should actually be considered a ‘tertiary’ level of education, given that once the education level is achieved, the student then has the tools to become a specialist. So far in 2016, my financial returns have been variable from between 10 to 12% on investment per month”

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LTG GoldRock helps investors through a guided step-by-step approach, using the same strategies we use.

Barry Lyttle LTG GoldRock Member
“Before joining LTG GoldRock’s program, I had traded CFD for shares, direct stock market investing and Property investing. I joined to supplement my income, to manage investment time and for the challenge. The part of the program I have found most beneficial is the expert guidance. I am still an apprentice so to achieve trading independence I must take the risks of thinking through opportunities for myself based on trading and by following the experienced traders at LTG GoldRock.”

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The world of investment in Currency trading is complicated and can be overwhelming for many investors. LTG GoldRock helps investors to access the same information used by our team of professional traders. We trade every day and we are already checking the charts and doing the analysis. Let us do the hard yards for you.

Robert Simpson LTG GoldRock Member
Before joining LTG GoldRock’s trading program over 5 years ago, I had never traded before. I was a Self Employed Hire Business owner and manager working very long hours, doing all of the work myself such as paying wages, looking after the accounts and taxation. I had very little “me time” or family time. I have now reached my first goal which was to replace my business income with my trading income. The Trading Alerts are a most valuable asset to my trading plan.

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The advantages of diversifying your investing strategy through Currency trading is that it offers an alternative investment opportunity. Investors can now diversify and potentially gain a higher investment return by learning to trade with LTG GoldRock’s Professional Trading team as currency markets rise and fall throughout the year.

Ross Taylor LTG GoldRock Member
“Before joining the LTG GoldRock Index Trading Program, I was retrenched and looking for a new challenge with plenty of upside earning potential. I wanted to spend more time with my family after leaving home early to go to work and returning at night, five days a week. Trading also provides me with the flexibility to trade from anywhere there is a good internet connection. I have now taken on the responsibility of obtaining a better result for my SMSF. Since the beginning of 2016, I have earned an average of 29% per month.”

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You could be investing for just minutes a day from anywhere in the world, and all the while learning from a successful like minded community of traders. Whether you’re planning for retirement, would like to pay off your mortgage sooner or simply aspire to earn additional income, the LTG GoldRock team aims to help you achieve your financial goals so you can live your life without financial stress and spend more time doing the things that make you happy.

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Introducing a new way to invest…

LTG GoldRock offers step-by-step guidance to help investors achieve their financial and lifestyle goals sooner.

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At LTG GoldRock we know how to balance financial growth and lifestyle.

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