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Who trades currencies?
Every day investors trade currency looking to make a higher return on investment and to take advantage of the opportunity of making money as markets rise and fall.

Banks and financial institutions also trade currency for exactly the same reasons.

When to trade the currency markets?

The currency market is a 24 hour a day market meaning we can take positions in the most liquid market in the world 24 hours a day. There are three traditional trading sessions, the Asian, European, and US trading sessions and it is the European trading session that sees over 40% of the 5 trillion dollars traded in the currency market.

We have a dedicated online currency trading room that allows you to log in and listen and learn from our professional team as they explain the trade sets up. Our Currency Trading Room opens at 7pm AEST Monday to Friday which is shortly after the European financial markets open.

Why trade the currency markets?
There are a number of reasons why an investor might trade the currency market but the main reason is simplicity and profit opportunity. The simple decision we make is whether or not the currency market is about to rise or fall. We are not stuck having to decide what stocks to buy or sell and which sectors of the market to invest in.

Where and how?
You are able to trade the currency market from anywhere you have internet access, all you need is a trading account which will be linked to an electronic trading platform on your computer, phone or tablet device.

The 7 Minute Workday

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