Concentrating under pressure.

Being able to concentrate when the pressure is on remains one of the most important attributes of any high-level performer and trading the financial markets successfully is no different.

Concentrating when it’s crunch time as you are about to press the button to send your money into the markets requires you to be cool, calm and collected. You cannot be thinking about the outcome, you must be completely focused on the execution and risk management of this one trade.

It is wasted emotion giving consideration to the outcome if the trade has met the criteria for your trading edge. You cannot possibly know if this trade will be a winner or not and trading is about the game of probabilities, so long as your trade has an edge, wins bigger than it loses, when it does win and you execute the trades correctly you have nothing to worry about long term. It’s the short term many traders focus on which leads them to worry too much about the outcome on individual trades. Focus your concentration on seeing your edge, applying the right risk management and simply repeating the process.

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