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Bruce Annandale’s profitable trading plan, after 2 years of making all the mistakes

Posted on: October 7th, 2011 by nicholas
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Bruce Annandale increased his account by 6.8% ROI after being in our Trader of the Month the last 3 months straight!

Bruce has been trading for 2 years and has made all the mistakes, but now with his trading plan in place, he entered out September Trader of the Month Competition for the 3rd time in a row!

Bruce shares his story below:

‘I have been trading 2 years . Discipline and money management is key.

I trade to my own trading plan.   1.0% Trade daily pattern break outs on all major pairs. I Use the LTG Trde management tool. I trade daily because of my  day job.

My Daily pattern trade is down This month buts thats trading. I wanted to show you the continuation of the pattern account. Notice the  un closed trades sitting at approx 6% but do not count your chickens.

What Im really excited about is my other new trading plan which has showed  really great promise. It involves trding daily and 4 hour retracements  going into the trades with stop buys and stop sells

Target 6 ATR stop 3 ATR and a trailing stop set at 3 ATR set the trade and forget. Price action in the direction of the underlining trend puts u in the trade. I was up 6.8 %  and I am already up 12% for Oct thank to Euro and Aussie dollar.’

Regards Bruce

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  1. harveyolive says:

    I would like to learn more about this “new trading plan”. if you could add more would be much appreciated.

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