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Some of our Traders Success in February

Each month we encourage our traders to send in an update on their Trading Journey. The below list of LTG GoldRock Members are just a handful of traders who achieved Trading Success in February with their Trading Plans and strategies.

Congratulations to the following GoldRockers on their success in February and we look forward to hearing from you for the rest of 2015.

  • Barrie Frost LTG GoldRockIan Harding 30.86% ROI
  • Arthur White 12.84% ROI
  • Bruce Porich 4.53% ROI
  • John Robinson 27.29% ROI
  • Garry Dickerson 5.79% ROI
  • Pete Bennett 67.26% ROI
  • Lynn de-Lacey Frost 22.38% ROI
  • Barrie Frost 39.25% ROI
  • Barry Coster 30.67% ROI
  • Lynda Broun 11.04% ROI
  • Mick Donaldson 5.05% ROI
  • Michael Kennedy 2.72% ROI
  • Ron Williams 16.61% ROI

Lynda Broun 11.04% ROI

Lynda Broun LTG GoldRock MemberHello Traders

I’m Lynda Broun and have been trading for 21 months and had plenty of ups and downs
The most important tips I could impart is just re-iteration of key words our mentor Andrew Barnett teaches us.
Discipline, patience, conviction, consistency, process driven, focus, intuition, confidence….
& Trade those waves with Fibonacci

Most important be a sniper with entry and exit/ RISK REWARD.

Make sure you get together and listen as much as you can to LTG GoldRock’s team of experts.

Lastly DON’T GIVE UP – it will come to you.

I love it!


Ian Harding LTG GoldRock learn to tradeIan Harding 30.86% ROI

Hi my name is Ian Harding and I’m 51 years old.

I am an IT Support Engineer. I have been trading Forex now for about 3 years.

I am still learning the ropes but do find the emails that I get sent for Andrew each morning help me with my trading.

I still have to try not to trade on impulse and stick to my trading plan.

I hope soon to be able to spend more time on learning the various set ups in the trading room.




Garry Dickerson 5.79% ROILTG GoldRock Member Garry Dickerson

A lot of trades to finish in the black.

One good fundamental trade taken at the beginning of month, set up a winning month.

Don’t ever let Laz go.  Excellent teacher.

Kind Regards

Garry Dickerson



Arthur White 12.84% ROI

LTG GoldRock trader Arthur White

Dear Andrew,

I  am sticking to my plan and have had success for the second month.

Thanks mainly to your daily reports. Thank-you.

The photo was at Tangalooma in January when we were watching the dolphins,


Arthur White

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