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What Can You Achieve Trading?

Every month we have a group of traders we like to shine the spotlight on and acknowledge their success and commitment to trading with LTG GoldRock.

For the month of October the following GoldRockers achieved some truly inspiring returns and of course have been able to add to their own income from their trading.

  • Anne Abbott 11.8% ROIJacqui Oct 2014(3)
  • Chris Baxter 13.39% ROI
  • Mike Bingham 7.6% ROI
  • Wentzel Coetzer 4.39% ROI
  • Ian Brown 15.35% ROI
  • Jacqui Winspear 21.13% ROI
  • Bruce Porich 36.19% ROI
  • Marian Webster 15.34% ROI
  • Paul Daly 10.56% ROI
  • Mark Wallis 102.32% ROI
  • Dayle Broadmore 9.67% ROI
  • Jonathan Wood 4.5% ROI
  • Simon Hoffman 17.86% ROI
  • Ian Harding 228.72% ROI

We will be featuring these Traders stories all month if you are interested in learning a bit about their own personal learning curve and how they are achieving trading success.

Paul Daly 10.56% ROI

Paul D Oct 2014I have traded my first month with the Goldrock programme, and my approach to trading now feels comfortable and organized.

I have been trading for the last 7 years with no success,and now have all the right information in front of me and now  just need to stick to the trading plan.

I am now looking forward to each day catching up with the latest news and getting a clear picture of how to trade.


Paul Daly

Marian Webster 15.34% ROI

This is my 3rd month in a row which I have managed to have a profit, so I feel the slow and steady process is working for me.


Marian Webster

Dayle B Oct 2014Dayle Broadmore 9.67% ROI

I have been an LTG GoldRock member for a couple of years now, over which time my trading has been a little like the markets!… up one minute, down the next. I am pleased to report that I am closing more successful trades and not so many losses, by using 4 indicators that suit my style of trading, staying true to my conviction,  and reading Andrew Barnett’s invaluable daily insider report.


Bruce Porich 36.19% ROI

Hello to all,

Well, thankfully a good profitable month. I have been a bit up & down lately.

bruce p Oct 2014Very busy with work so not much time to spend in front of the charts. But funnily enough, that worked out to be a good thing for me.

Less time in front of the charts, meant a lot less of those stupid trades that I put on from time to time.

So the few trades that I did put on, most turned out fairly profitable.

Hopefully I can string some winning months together.

Keep up the great work, (LTG GoldRock team)


Bruce Porich



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