53.3% return in 2015 trading at the market open for 60 minutes

Want to Create an Income Stream from Investing
…But Don’t Know Where to Start?

LTG GoldRock specialise in teaching ordinary investors how to get better returns.

We have proven and documented success along with a training system designed to ensure you are given every opportunity to achieve your investment, income and wealth building goals.

Our highly experienced and successful senior trading team specialise in educating and guiding everyday investors on how to use trading as a tool to create a better financial future for themselves and their families.

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Trade Performance
Total Return: +125.8% share
Monthly Return: +2.9% share
Weekly Return: +0.7% share
Peak Drawdown: -21.2% share
Trade Win %: +55.4% share
Profit Factor: 1.10 share
Pips: 8,827.7 share
Trades per Day: 4.2 share
History: 830 days

Who We Are and What We Do

Meet our Senior Stock Index Traders, Mark Austin and Cameron Malik.
Learn what it means to be a lifestyle trader and how the team at LTG GoldRock can assist you to get the results you so richly deserve.

“I know what works and I know what doesn’t work. The best types of trades which work are Big Fish trades, they are linked to something called a price inefficiency. The easiest way to describe that is you’ve got a boat, a boat will rock to the right, it will rock to the left but it will go back to the centre at some point. The markets are exactly the same and Big Fish trades literally take advantage of that.”

Mark Austin

“You just want to have short bursts of very focussed time trading 1 hour a day and that will produce you more results than working 10 because if you sit there for 10 hours a day you feel like you need to do something, and when you feel you need to do something you will, and you will over trade, and you will take low probability trades, whereas if you put in the hour and take high probability trades you get higher returns out of a very short period of time.”

Cameron Malik

Financial Success Within Reach

You’ve worked hard for your money but have your investment returns met your expectations? Research tells us the answer is likely no. Let us help you take control of your financial future to help maximise and enhance your investment returns.

LTG GoldRock offers an award winning team of professional traders and advisors whose sophisticated market analysis, risk and money management systems give you the edge – without the hassle.

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Real Tangible Results

We help everyday investors achieve financial success by tailoring their investment plans to match their investment goals. With over 50 years combined experience, we provide investors with guidance and mentorship to get a high return on investment opportunity.

Asset Classes Compounded Over 10 Years

*Past performance can not be relied upon as indicative of future performance.

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Have a World Class Investment Team in your Corner

With financial experts such as Cameron Malik and Mark Austin, LTG GoldRock’s team have authored investment books and have been featured on Sky Business News money programs.

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The 1 hour workday

Why investors can make potentially higher returns trading with us.

  • We make more! Our trades have a high strike rate and our returns on investment are independently verified for transparency.
  • We are traders who also teach. It is rare to find successful traders who are willing to also teach their methods.
  • We are experts in trading Stock Indexes. We enjoy keeping things simple and trade one Stock Index at a time.
  • 30 Minutes a day. We are in and out of our trades in less than 30 minutes.

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At LTG GoldRock we know how to balance financial growth and lifestyle.

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