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Tracey Bernasconi achieved 7% ROI trading with LTG GoldRock in June 2014

Tracey Bernasconi, WA

June 2014  +7% ROI

I’ve been a member of LTG Goldrock for a number of years and looking back on my trading journey so far it’s been a sequence of stages. Although I’ve attended a number of Bootcamps and Master Classes, something slots into place each time and another piece went into place at the most recent Bootcamp on the Sunshine Coast.

Keen to get to the bottom of what the small differences could be between myself and a professional trader, I met Alex Kozulin (Alex is Trader of the Year 2013). He impressed upon me the importance of doing a few simple things right with the discipline not to deviate or break from the trading plan. Although I have been told this countless times, there was a shear doggedness in his face and voice that imprinted my trading psychology and has stayed there. Thanks Alex!!

Laz (aka The Chief) helped me find a good trading edge – a system with a higher probability of one thing happening over another once the pattern is present in the market. I now think in ‘Probabilities’ and don’t invest emotionally in whether the individual trade will be a winner. This ‘lighter’ attitude towards my trading ensures I execute my setups without mental errors such as fear or hesitation. The only thing a professional trader thinks about when executing the trade is the risk money management. My job from that point onwards is to assess the upside potential of the individual trade to maximise my profit opportunity.

Alex averaged around 3-4% per month overall, with only a handful of losing months for the year – and he became Trader of Year. So from my small beginnings of just 7% this month, I’m on my way too with consistent results being my objective for the remainder of the year. Big thanks to Andrew, Alex and Chief !!

Marian Webster, New Zealand.

June 2014  +3.3% ROI

I have finally worked out that the less trades but more known set-ups is what is going to give me a profit.  I have done everything possible wrong, even believing that I wouldn’t do that, but after a while now I am finally getting the picture.

Now that I can see I was trading ‘hit & miss” I will endeavour to do the 50/200 trades and be patient, and my account balance will hopefully increase.   I have not put anymore into my account as I needed to prove to myself that I could trade profitably.

I am still making mistakes, but I think I am getting the hang of this finally.

I sit in on Laz’s classes and just listen and learn.  At first it was all too much information but by just sitting and listening in, it is finally sinking in.  Many thanks to Laz classes.

I am certainly going to stick with it now and see how I can improve, and then put more into the account to finally trade with more.than 10cents.


Marian Webster

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