Some Great Results in March…

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At LTG GoldRock we love getting updates from our members who are achieving great returns, whilst they are learning to become professional investors. Congratulations to all the Goldrockers out there who are sticking to their Trading Plans and achieving consistency with risk management. For the month of March our Best Risked Award goes to Susan Priest who achieved 34.6% ROI in March 2014. Our Highest ROI Award for March 2014 goes to Mark Mulcahy who had an incredible month and achieved more than 35%+ ROI.

Other special mentions go to:

  • Donnie Clark 7.1% ROI
  • Ming Lam 35%+ ROI
  • Patrick Ryan 3.4% ROI
  • and Beth Telfer

Keep an eye out for their Trader Stories on the Blog and follow their progress & results.

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