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Greg Coggiola, 9.46% ROI July 2014

Greg Coggiola

For years I have bought and sold shares with varying degrees of success.
A few years ago I taught myself as much as I could about futures. I joined forums and paper traded them for a long time but was never confident enough, to trade real money.

I only joined LTG Gold Rock in March of this year and began soaking up as much information as the Chief and the learning centre could impart on me. At first I was overwhelmed with the amount of learning that was available to me and wasn’t sure where to begin. I was then lucky to be able to attend the 2 day Bootcamp on the Sunshine Coast in May.

After talking to other members at the conference and hearing the great speakers including Cameron and Mark from the index trading room and Alex our “trader of the year” I plucked up the courage to go live and start investing with real money, at the beginning of July.

I never expected to make a profit in my very first month but I am excited to share with you, that I  managed  a credible 9.46% ROI for the month of July!

Warm Regards,

Greg Coggiola, NSW

Justin Lodge, 9.9% ROI July 2014

Justin Lodge bio

I attended my first master-class in March. Since then I did LTG GoldRock boot-camp in May, and when I was there I signed up for Cameron and Mark’s Index Trading Room. I started trading at the beginning of June. I’m using the fundamental analysis from the Insider report to pick my currency pairs, and using the trading sheets to enter my trades.

I’m software engineer turned IT Consultant – and I live with my family in Melbourne, just around the corner from the 2013 Trader of the Year.

I’ve read the book ‘the 4 hour work week’ and that’s what my aim is – to generate investment income from my trading business in 4 hours per week so that I can spend more time with my family :)


Justin Lodge


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